Season 3 Episode 2

Albert's Challenge

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Mar 17, 2006 on BBC

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  • Great episode

    It is one the most cleverly written episodes because it doesn't in fact have a big con at the end which we have been led up to. Tony Jordan admitted that he came up with the Hendersons challenge after not being able to think of a big con to play. I think that it is an extremely entertaining episode because it shows so many great short cons. The ending at first I thought was too obvious with it coming down to only 50p but the final twist at the end was fantastic. FYI the episode is actually called 'The Henderson Challenge' so shouldn't be listed as 'Albert's Challenge'
  • brilliant

    one of the best episodes of the series ,very different to all the others , you see them doing more cons out on the street which i loved and alot of laughs , the scenes with eddie n albert were very funny . The story tho , danny n mickey are challenged to go out on the street NAKED {very funny) to see whos the better grifter , danny is the better short con player so mickey does 1 big con you could tell yea it probally was gona be danny but stil good viewing , but they got me at the end , you could never see it comin down 2 that fifty p .But it aint over no , they get you again when you find out albert placed a wager on them .Fantastic ,hope this show never ends most enjoyable show around
  • As Danny and Mickey keep bickering, the bored group sets them on the Henderson challenge. They both are dropped into the middle of London completely naked at noon and then are supposed to meet back at 6:00.

    The person with the most money wins. This challenge is fun and funny, although I have to say that I didn't really enjoy much of Danny's hoodwinking of honest people. I really only enjoy the cons when they are taking on someone despicable, when they are conning tourists and regular people, I find it less likely to be on their side. Part of the show is the asides directly to the camera that make you a part of the group and in on the con, so when the con is kind of mean, it takes away a bit.

    Other than that, this episode was really great. I certainly don't feel that Danny is mature enough or level headed enough to run his own crew, but he certainly can grift his way through a day.

    Also, watching the different approaches of Danny and Mickey was great fun, although Albert proves to be the better grifter at the end of the day.
  • The writers got the best out of the show for this one.

    If you've got a show like hustle which thrives on the inventiveness of the characters having an episode like this one where of the most important characters who have completely different styles have to go almost the entire episode surviving on their tremendous cunning alone is a top idea. Clever schemes abound in this episode like never before. The competitors trying to trip each other up (well if you gloat at having got a limo ride then you can expect your rival to call the police and get you arrested to teach you a lesson) and decieve each other. And of course the fact that the idea was a con in itself by the old master and that one piece of arrogant donation made all the difference was the brilliant icing on a first class cake.
  • A gem in the basket of sparklers - TERRIFIC EPISODE!

    I love this series! It's slick and smart with characters who are great fun to root for, despite their grifting ways.

    The previous review puzzled me somewhat, since I feel this episode was furthest from any of the previous in the last 2 series, deviating from the usual plotline of 'find the mark, pull off the con'. It gets well and truly personal between the leader Mickey and his protege Danny, with both battling for the honour of 'top con'. The premise of getting the two of them naked in the middle of Trafalgar Square (in the middle of the busiest part of London!!! How the heck did they pull that off?!) and watching the differing styles of two professional grifters was great fun to watch, and everyone got to play a part.

    Note that the final total of money & goods lifted by our two heroes totalled over US$12,000, in less than 6hrs work! Makes me almost consider a career change!
  • I really like this series but I can't help but get the feeling the writers are emptying out on ideas with this episode

    Basically, it\'s the old \'cons get a day off, what will they get up to\' shtick. I saw the plot twist coming for the first time which was disappointing, but I did like some new cinematographic elements they introduced, specifically a lot of outdoor on location london post card type stuff and they did a really nice long continuous take of mickey and danny walking to the local for a bag of ice. I\'ll allow them a flat episode because I\'ve enjoyed this series so much thus far but I sincerely hope it\'s not the start of a decline...
  • You just have to admire the writers for creating such a wonderful and hilarious episode. Turly inspirational.

    I just want to know who thought up the idea for the Henderson Challange, and if you havent see it all ready (which will probably be most of you cosidering this is an Americal website and it is aired in the UK first, he he he) the final twist is just superb. Who ever thougth that one up should get a medal or something. If only i could come up with ideas like this one for plot lines.

    Just watching Danny and Mickey running across Trafalgar Square but naked was just halarious, along with how they find their cloths and transport will have you splitting your sides with laughter. i can't wait until next week to find out what happens in the next ep.
  • Danny and Mickey take up the Henderson Challange and end up stating it by running round London Naked!!

    This was absolutletly brilliant and hilariously funny. I felt sorry for the people in London when they were filming that! You just knew that pound coin was going to come back and haunt Danny. I hope the next few episodes are just as brilliant and they continue to be brilliant
  • In a head-to-head competition between Mickey and Danny, the two men are dropped naked in the middle of London and must use all of their skills as con man to make it through the day - whomever has acquired the highest monetary value of goods wins.

    Absolutely brilliant. Story- telling doesnt get better than this. There was a touch of genius in each and every part of the episode. There is no better sight than to see the two geniuses Danny and Mickey battle it out. Mickey was brillinat as usual. Danny the master of short con did some exceptonal cons but predicatbly lost out due to a stupid mistake. The icing on the cake was provided by Alby with his tremendous bet. That was just hilarious. Totally unexpected. The episode had its flaws though. Mickey's conning of Danny was quite predictable. Also some of Danny's short cons were not upto the mark. That's why the 9 rating and not 10 !
  • Although the main storyline was a little predictable, the plot was well thought out and along with the subplots created an all-round enjoyable episode!

    This episode entertained me throughout, not only did it have the 2 best grifters in the gang pitting their skills against each other, but it also had a fantastic storyline! As is usually the case with Hustle there is always a con behind a con, and tonights episode was no exception! Whilst Danny was working effortlessly to gain more money, Micky played a con on Danny - meanwhile, however, Albert was conning each of them to win a bet.

    The acting was remarkable, especially Marc Warren (Danny) and Jaime Murray (Stacie) who was looking her best. And by the very fact alone that Danny said 'I bet I've got a bigger willy than you' after arguing with Micky, deserves to win a comedy award of some sort!

    The camera-work was sublime, despite the random clips of London traffic, and the locations were well thought out!

    Not the best Hustle episode but definately up there with them. I extremely recommend it!!!
  • Mickey and Danny take the Henderson Challenge for leadership of the gang: what could possibly happen?

    This episode is fantastic. The very idea of the challenge itself is awesome, especially the part about being butt-naked in the middle of London. Need to tan that butt, Danny! *drools*
    Ahem... *wipes away saliva*
    The episode is classically funny, especially the scenes with poor Eddie being forever conned... And just when he thinks he's beaten Albert, he gets his ass handed to him because of courtesy!!
    Also, as Mickey gets conned himself, and dear old Danny twice, it's a seriously clever episode. Don't you feel sorry for him.

    And crossing himself in a synagogue (sp?)... Danny, Danny, Danny...

    A fantastic episode, folks. Truly great.
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