Season 3 Episode 2

Albert's Challenge

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Mar 17, 2006 on BBC

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  • A gem in the basket of sparklers - TERRIFIC EPISODE!

    I love this series! It's slick and smart with characters who are great fun to root for, despite their grifting ways.

    The previous review puzzled me somewhat, since I feel this episode was furthest from any of the previous in the last 2 series, deviating from the usual plotline of 'find the mark, pull off the con'. It gets well and truly personal between the leader Mickey and his protege Danny, with both battling for the honour of 'top con'. The premise of getting the two of them naked in the middle of Trafalgar Square (in the middle of the busiest part of London!!! How the heck did they pull that off?!) and watching the differing styles of two professional grifters was great fun to watch, and everyone got to play a part.

    Note that the final total of money & goods lifted by our two heroes totalled over US$12,000, in less than 6hrs work! Makes me almost consider a career change!