Season 2 Episode 6

Eye of the Beholder

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM May 03, 2005 on BBC
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Mickey's got a plan and this one is like no other. They're going to steal the Crown Jewels. Will he be able to get the others to join him on such a dangerous mission?

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  • The team prepare to steal the crown jewels in an elaborate heist.

    The majority of this episode is more like a heist movie than a con game, but don't be fooled. This show is all about the con, and this episode was no different, although more complicated.

    I have to say that at this point, they have to be something like millionaires with all of the heists they have pulled. Are they just doing it for fun now, or is their overhead really that much? I think they are doing it for fun at this point, but who knows.

    This episode wasn't exactly my favorite, but it was still more enjoyable than most television out there. It was also a good way to end series 2.moreless
  • Great episode!

    This is certainly one of, if not THE best episode of Hustle. The writing is tight, the direction slick and this episode had some really funny moments (Particularly those involving Danny and calling his "Old Mum")

    And, best of all, this episode had a complex plot! That's usually the thing I love the most in movies and TV shows and this episode really had a cool plot (Particularly the way all the elements came together) This episode really worked well as a season closer, but there were certain aspects that didn't work or took away from the general experience, but they aren't particularly worth going into as i feel it's just me who felt this.

    All in all, a great episode really playing on the "Oceans 11" idea of con artists. Definitely worth seeing.moreless
  • For a greast series, this was one lousy way to end a season.

    For such a great series, this episode was a lousy way to end a season. The gang decide to pull off the "ultimate" job, to steal from the Crown Jewels of London. Of course, the fact that they're not professional theives shouldn't be a hinderance.

    Their scheme is to auction off the diamond from the sceptre of the Crown Jewels, the "African Star". To five bidders, with sealed bids. And the auctioneer is raided by the police and rats out the gang to the police. And as usual, it's a con within a con, so you just KNOW they are planning some last minute feat of misdirection -- and that the whole idea was to have the police nab them and find they didn't actually have the jewel.

    The real con is on the five bidders of the auction, who all have the highest bid (surprise!) and get the diamond. The real diamond turns out never to have been stolen, only misplaced, and the gang walk away having sold fakes to five diamond experts who were too stupid not to check they even had a diamond in the first place.

    Farfetched? Even for this series, it stretches believability.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • When Mickey is hanging from the roof in the process of stealing the diamond, everything you see on screen is Adrian Lester - no stunt man was used. The insurance to allow one of the main actors to hang by a wire, was pretty expensive. Adrian insisted that he was OK about it, and was very enthusiastic about doing his own stunts.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • (Mickey presents his plan to the team to steal the Crown Jewels)
      Danny: You can't nick the crown jewels!
      Mickey: Why not?
      Danny: Why not? I'll tell you why not. Because it's unpatriotic for a start. Besides which, I don't fancy being banged up in the Tower of London for the next 300 years.
      Stacie: For once I think Danny may have a point.
      Danny: Yeah, thank you, Stacie. (Looks at Stacie) What do you mean, "For once"?

    • Ash: I found a place to cut off the power, but there's a problem.
      Mickey: What?
      Ash: I can't be in two places at once. At the same time the power's being cut off, somebody has to be re-routing the feed to the CCTV cam.
      Albert: Can't you show someone how to do it?
      Ash: No, it's best if I do it. Someone else can do electricity.
      Mickey: Okay. Show Danny.
      Danny: Me? No. No. I have trouble wiring a plug.
      Ash: Well, it's all right. I'll talk you through it. We can use walkie talkies.
      Danny: Okay, I'll do it.

    • Ash: Mick?
      Mickey: Hey! How's it going?
      Ash: I've got blisters on me blisters.
      Mickey: No gain without pain.
      Ash: Yeah. Right. Thank you.

    • Danny: Yeah, well I've had a very rough couple of days, you know, all for the good of the team! I've been pushed in a bloody canal, nearly drowned. I've been electrocuted, nearly fried. I've had a very harrowing time, I'll have you know. Are you all listening to me?
      All: NO!

    • Danny: I'm too pretty to go to prison. I'll never get any sleep.

    • Albert: I'm sorry but my... oh whats the word... memory! It's not quite what it was. What were you saying again?

    • Mickey: (to viewers) Oh ye of little faith

  • NOTES (3)

    • This episode aired in the US on the AMC network on March 25th, 2006 at 10PM EST/EDT.

    • This is the only episode of the second series that doesn't have a cold opener. The only episode before it that doesn't have a cold opener is episode 1 of series 1.

    • Crew for this episode with a missing name or unavailable credit:
         " Adam Young (3rd Assistant Director)
         " Clare Jones (Assistant Co-ordinator)
         " Christine Hagon (Production Accountant)
         " Fran Salix-Alba (Assistant Accountant)
         " Sam Donovan (Continuity)
         " Nick Wade (Location Manager)
         " Marc Vincent (Locations Assistant)
         " George Grieve (Clapper Loader)
         " Richard Potter (Best Boy)
         " James Bain (Sound Maintenance)
         " Ben Munro (Standby Art Director)
         " George Simons (Art Department Assistant)
         " Ben Barrington-Groves (Art Department Assistant)
         " Abi Groves (Production Buyer)
         " Hayley Guiheen (Assistant Buyer)
         " Ray Holt (Props Master)
         " Paul Michel (Props Storeman)
         " Steve Westley (Dressing Props)
         " Mike Booys (Standby Props)
         " Alan Shaw (Standby Props)
         " Laurie Griffiths (Standby Carpenter)
         " Reg Martin (Standby Rigger)
         " Jane Hamnett (Wardrobe Supervisor)
         " Pamela Stewart (Standby Costume)
         " The Senate Visual Effects (Visual Effects)
         " Berger & Wyse (Opening Titles)
         " Amanda Searle (Stills Photographer)
         " Kate Lawson (Picture Publicity)
         " Sarah Metcalfe (Assistant Editor)
         " Andrew Mitchell (On-line Editor)
         " Aidian Farrell (Colourist)
         " Darren Banks (FX Editor)
         " Simon Rogers (Title Music)
         " Beatguru (Original Music)


    • When Mickey is hanging above the diamond and tells Ash to move him right and left and up and down, this scene was taken from 1996 movie Mission: Impossible when Ethan Hunt is breaking into the "unbreakable" vault in Langley he's telling Franz Krieger exactly the same instructions while hanging above the floor of the vault.