Season 3 Episode 1

Price For Fame

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Mar 10, 2006 on BBC
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Mickey's team is back in London, so the con is on. Just back from Las Vegas, the crew is a little low on funds, so they're eager to get back in the game. Their target? Benny Frazier.

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  • The group returns to London after a stint in Vegas. Low on funds due to a blunder of Danny's they set their sights on Benny Frasier, a mobster with a horrible son with delusions of being a rap star.moreless

    The con is being played on the owner of over a dozen nightclubs. He is a real jerk, so you really root for him to get conned. The in is through his son, a snotty and talentless brat of a child who thinks he can be a rap star.

    Posing as a manager, Danny ropes the kid in and introduces him to Mickey who is pretending to be a producer. The fun part here is who truly awful a rapper this kid is, mixed with Stacie's performance as an image consultant wanting to make the kid into a bad boy.

    Meanwhile, they are in the process of finding a place to live, as Danny's credit card scams from last series make them all persona non grata at all of the major hotel chains.moreless
  • An excellent episode of an excellent programme

    As usual, an absolute gem. The best replacement after Life on Mars ended. Simply fantastic writing once again from Mr. Tony Jordan. I salute you. How fantastic is it to have Hustle back on our screens? Answer: Very. There's two fantastic moments in every Hustle episode - the moment you realise it's all about to come crashing down around them, then the moment you work out that they already knew this. Brilliant show, great acting and classy scripts. Honestly i cant tell you how much i cant wait until the next series comes out. Hopefully it will be soon!!! Fingers Crossed !!!moreless
  • For their third outing, everyone seems to be having a bit of fun. Taking a swipe at the rap scene and putting mickey and the gang into some unusual characters this 3rd season opener almost suggests the writers are running out of ideas.moreless

    All of the elements that made this show so superior in the past; style, sophistication, clever writing and seem to have been left behind as the crew resort to ludicrous methods to get to their mark and resort to parlour trick short cons increasingly more. The plot twist at the end almost compensates but I can't help but feel things might be a little dry in the ideas department, particularly after the ads for viewers to suggest their own cons during the last season. I'm still watching.moreless
  • Entertaining but sometimes silly! This is not the worst episode of Hustle you'll ever see, but then again it's not the best either.

    I am just as delighted as the next man to see Hustle back on our screens for the 3rd season. However, this first episode left me slightly disappointed especially in comparison to previous episodes. The clever plot and exciting twists feature, as usual, but, as sometimes is the case with Hustle it was a little farfetched. Maybe the producers are not trying to portray reality, maybe some viewers enjoy this farfetched approach, but i just feel that it can get a tad silly and this was one of those episodes.

    The acting was mature especially Mel Smith who plays a dodgy pub owner with a 'get-what-he-wants' attitude and his son, played by Benjamin Smith, displays a dramatic yet sometimes over-the-top 'British Eminem'. The gang also play their roles to perfection.

    Overall, this is not the worst episode of Hustle you'll ever see, but then again it's not the best either. Entertaining but sometimes silly, let's just hope the writers of Hustle can deliver some more believable, but still intriguing episodes to Season 3.moreless
Mel Smith

Mel Smith

Benny Frazier

Guest Star

Keith Barron

Keith Barron


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Ryan Gage

Ryan Gage


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Rob Jarvis

Rob Jarvis


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • During Albert's presentation on Benny, there's a post-it note with some of the names of Benny's other clubs and pubs:
      " The Iron Duke
      " The Well
      " Henry VIII
      " Frog & Stone
      " Duke Of York
      " Park Horse
      " Horse & Cart
      " Meeting House
      " Stone Wall Arms

    • In the taxi, before entering "The Old Manor", Albert pulls out a business card which says:
      James Parkinson
      2 Bromley Park Ave.

      2 Bromley Park Avenue is not a valid London address.

    • Benny Frazier, played by Mel Smith, and Joey Frazier, played by Benjamin Smith, are actually father and son in real life.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Stacey: We'll we've had some interesting responses to Danny's demo tape. Strangely enough they're all 'Don't call us, we'll call you.'
      Danny: (snatches one of the letters from Stacey's hand and looks at it) Peasants.

    • Danny: (singing to the theme of Rawhide)
      Movin', movin', movin',
      Though they're disapprovin',
      Keep them doggies movin' Rawhide!
      Don't try to understand 'em,
      Just rope and throw and grab 'em,
      Soon we'll be living high and wide!

    • Mickey: (referring to their most recent con) Are we on?
      Albert: Would you like the good news, or the bad news?
      Mickey: The bad news.
      Albert: Hemmings had a heart attack. He's at St. Mary's Hospital.
      Ash: So the score's off.
      Albert: I'm afraid so.
      Mickey: And the good news?
      Albert: (smiling) I found a last minute replacement.

    • Taxi Driver: So what are you, Old Bill?
      Albert: CIA.

    • Danny: Alright. I know what this is all about. Bout the Vegas thing isn't it?
      (Mickey rolls his eyes)
      Danny: Yeah. Yeah. They were identical cases, OK. It could have happened to anybody.
      Stacey: Except it happened to you.
      Ash: Yeah, every penny we had was in that case.
      Mickey: All you had to do was switch cases. How hard can it be?
      Danny: Alright... (looking at everyone) Hold a grudge why don't you?
      Everyone: We will!

    • Danny: You've got to get us a decent place Ash.
      Ash: I'm workin' on it.
      Danny: Could you work a bit quicker please?
      Ash: We've been through every major hotel in London. The couple we coulda used, you nosed up with dodgy credit cards.
      Danny: Not being funny mate, OK? We need a new gaff, cause I can smell cats.
      Ash: I told ya. I'm workin' on it.
      Danny: Alright, how about I share a room with Stacey then? Make things a bit more, you know, bearable?
      Stacey: Ewwww. For who?

    • Albert: (as George) I've always thought that life is full of opportunities, but, just as important, is finding people willing to take them.

    • Ash: (after seeing an eligible mark for a short con) What do you think?
      Mickey: Jamaican switch?
      Ash: That still work?
      Mickey: Let's find out.

  • NOTES (5)

    • To promote the return of Hustle in the US, AMC ran various commercials with the song 'Take What's Mine' by Baumer.

    • This episode aired in the US on the AMC network on June 28th, 2006 at 10PM EST/EDT.

    • According to the Broadcaster's Audience Research Board, LTD (BARB), the season premier of Hustle garnered 6.48 million viewers. This episode was ranked 9th on BBC1 and 23rd for all 5 networks for the week ending 03/12/2006.

    • Crew for this episode with a different title:
      " Jamie Parsons (Unit Manager)
      " Roger Tooley (Steadicam Operator)
      " Llewellyn Harrison (Grip)
      " Ray Holt (Props Master)
      " Claire Moorsom (Script Editor)
      " Rudi Buckle (Sound Recordist)
      " Jan Sewell (Make-up & Hair Designer)

    • Crew for this episode with a missing title:
      " Anna Kemp (3rd Assistant Director)
      " Celine Goetz (Assistant Co-ordinator)
      " Steven Edwicker (Production Accountant)
      " Jacqueline O'Sullivan (Assistant Accountant)
      " Lindsay Grant (Continuity)
      " Patrick Stewart (Location Manager)
      " Matthew Clarke (Locations Assistant)
      " Ciro Candia (Clapper Loader)
      " Richard Potter (Best Boy)
      " James Bain (Sound Maintenance)
      " Sam Clark-Hall (Standby Art Director)
      " Quinn Robinson (Art Department Assistant)
      " Dale Manning (Art Department Assistant)
      " Alice Norris (Set Dresser)
      " Paul Michel (Props Storeman)
      " Steve Westley (Dressing Props)
      " Paul Bovington (Standby Props)
      " Liam Collins (Standby Props)
      " Laurie Griffiths (Standby Carpenter)
      " Derek Docksey (Standby Rigger)
      " Jane Hamnett (Wardrobe Supervisor)
      " Harriet Lyons (Standby Costume)
      " Shane Warden (DS Artist)
      " Berger & Wyse (Opening Titles)
      " Amanda Searle (Stills Photographer)
      " Kate Lawson (Picture Publicity)
      " Emma Oxley (Assistant Editor)
      " Andrew Mitchell (On-line Editor)
      " Aidian Farrell (Colourist)
      " Darren Banks (FX Editor)
      " Nigel Heath (Dubbing Mixer)
      " Ben Scott (Loft Design)
      " Simon Rogers (Title Music)
      " Beatguru (Original Music)


    • The opening sequence of this episode is a direct remake of the opening of the classic movie The Sting (1973). A nice touch which clearly puts the series on the right shelf in tv and movie history.

    • Taxi Driver: So what are you, Old Bill?

      Old Bill is an English slang term for the police. It's often shortened to just "the bill."

    • Danny: Not being funny mate, OK? We need a new gaff, cause I can smell cats.

      Gaff is an English slang term for a place of residence or work.

    • When Danny is in the bathtub, he is singing the theme song from Rawhide, a television series from the early 1960's. It was a western series about a cattle drive and marked one of the first appearances on TV or film for Clint Eastwood.

    • Benny: Hey, Elvis! What did I tell you about playing that crap? Wanna do your own songs, go on Pop Idol. Suppose to be a sing-a-long night, you know where you play songs people already know, so they can sing along to 'em. The clue is in the title dickhead.

      Benny is referring to the ITV1 television show Pop Idol, a reality TV show where amateurs compete to win a recording contract. This show was the basis for the US mega-hit, American Idol on FOX.

    • Ash: (after seeing a mark for a short con) What do you think?
      Mickey: Jamaican switch?
      Ash: That still work?
      Mickey: Let's find out.

      The Jamaican Switch is a short con which involves two con men and the mark. The traditional version of this con goes something like this...

      Con man #1 pretends to have a foreign accent claims that he can't read or write the local language and offers the mark money to help him find accommodations for the night. He then proceeds to display a large sum of money to pay the mark for the assistance.

      Con man #2 approaches as just another stranger and tells con man #1 that he needs to put the money in the bank. Con man #1 explains that he doesn't trust banks, but if the mark can show him that the banks are safe by making a withdrawal, he will consider it. The mark goes to the bank and makes a withdrawal, explaining how easy it is to get your money.

      Grateful for the lesson, con man #1 wants to reciprocate by showing the mark how to hide cash when you're carrying a large sum of money. Taking some (or all) of the money the mark just withdrew from the bank, he wraps it up in a handkerchief and proceeds to "hide" it on his person, usually in his shirt or jacket. Unknown to the mark, the con man simply switches the handkerchief for an identical one.

      Con man #1 hands back the handkerchief, which the mark thinks contains his money and the two con men depart. It's only later that the mark finds out that he's actually carrying strips of newspaper and not his cash.

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