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  • Snappy London con artists with heart and style!

    Hustle one of the best shows EVER! The cast is fantastic, it\'s totally entertaining, stylish, surprising and just good fun! Robert Vaughn is BRILLIANT, as are the rest of the cast. But the real star of the show is Marc Warren. He absolutly shines as Danny Blue. I\'m really excited about series 3!
  • I loved it!!!

    The best thing about this show is how they do it and the thing with Mikey, Stace and Danny of course. I was very impressed about this show, i liked episode two alot but aslo the superhero show. Keep up the good work and don´t just stop making the show i hate it when they do that.
  • One of the best show ever by a long con.

    Set in the city of London this show follows a gang of con artist that call them self the long con. In the show the gang pull all kinds of incredible heists that will have you thinking for hours of how they did it. This show has only had two series but I would love it if they tried for a third. Every thing about this show is genius the slick but sly characters and of cores the cons that are simply out of this world. I would recommend this show to anyone it is simply one of the best shows of my time and it will go down in history.
  • A very classy show indeed.

    This is a great programme and oh my god its British!! Tony jordan has done a really good job because there is never a dull moment and the script is very well written. To top it all off there is a great cast and it has marc warren as the lovable and funny danny!! It was actually my nan that got me into this programme so thank you Nan!!
  • A cutting egde show with a group of elite con artist always looking for a new con and using ingenious plans to get the money.

    A truly great show of this time. With Mickey Stone and the rest of his team of professional con artist take on the challenge of taking on some of the most daring cons with vast pay offs. The plot is very interging with with twists and turns in some episodes that would come out of nowhere. But as always you know in the back of your mind that Micky and the gang will some how won at the end. The seacond season was not as good as the original espically in the season finale when they decided to steal the crown jewels.
  • An intellectually aspiring show that entertans, amuses, excites and interests us all, as well as educates the budding criminal to be.

    Every episoded is profoundly intelligently written.

    It is another of our great dramas, good qualtiy, well acted, well produced, and well watched by all.

    Hustle is a show that often intrigues and excites me and i have enjoyed the last couple of series. The show has been on Dead Ringers befre, which i have also found as amusing.

    The Crown's Jewellry episode was truly fantastic, and kept us all on the edge of our seats as they were all arrested. The writers wanted to prove that the Conartists would not always find it so easy to get away with things, even though they eventually did and conned the police as well as the audience watching.

    Long may it continue.
  • hustle is a amazing show that shows the greatest con-man Micky Stone and his group on con artists and also his amazing cons

    Hustle is the amazing con show with the greatest con artist of there time Micky Bricks and his team Danny Blue (short con artist) , Stacy Monroe (very pretty woman) , Ash Morgan (fixer) and Albert Stroller (the man to lure the target to them).
    they succseed in many great con's
    Hustle is the greatest con show of this time the way they do there con's are just amazing i have got the DVD season 1 and just cannot stop watching it.
    when season 2 comes out i will be watching the shows all the time as they do much better con's on season 2 than season 1
    this show is a must see it is one of the best TV shows EVER
    con's - 10/10
    team - 10/10
    show - 10/10
    OVERALL - 10/10
    my opinion - get some money and buy the season 1 DVD , buy the season 2 DVD when it comes out , and , watch season 3 when it comes back on BBC1 next year.
    MUST SEE - Hustle -
  • Hustle has a style all it's own. It's posh, it's svelte and a whole heck of a lot of fun. Being a criminal never looked so cool.

    Hustle has a style all it's own. It's posh, it's svelte and a whole heck of a lot of fun. Being a criminal never looked so cool and being able to dip your feet into the fantasy of being part of Mickey Brick's team is what it's all about. We know that the life of a long con artist can't be this fabulous, but oh how we wish it was. Simply put, Hustle is what Oceans 11 and Oceans 12 wished it could be.

    Ensemble shows can be tough because invariably there's a weak character here or there, however with Hustle each character is strong in their own right. The anchor of the show may be Mickey "Bricks" Stone, but it wouldn't be a hit show without Danny, Stacie, Ash and Albert. It's the combination of all of the characters that makes the show what it is - fabulous.

    Throughout each episode, Mickey's team plays out a long con which is often times quite complicated. It's not until the end, when there's a bit of a "reveal" and we're able to see exactly how the con was played out. As a result, you're engaged from the beginning to see if you can figure out what the gang is up to. Thankfully, there's always a nice surprise at the end, so it's always fresh and surprising.

    Hustle provides high-style, tongue in cheek comedy with just a dash of realism to keep us coming back for more. Clever writing that doesn't rely solely on gimmicks makes this series a standout among all the rest. Clearly the BBC has a real gem on their hands and in my book is producing some of the best television anywhere on the globe.
  • The show is about a group of British Con-artists, who con the rich people (esp. those who get rich by the way of crime) and have fun along the way. Sometimes they just do it for a good challenge. It a must see show.

    The show mostly has a plot gimmick (concealed information) but it is mostly decent although not PG-13. It keeps me glued to my seat untill the last moment, when they open up the mystery on how they did it. Its a fun way to learn how and when if you are being "Hustled".;)
    Jaime Murray, is one hot con artists. All of them are brilliant and have special skills. Each episode is special and unique. It cracks me up when they make fool of these "smart guys".
    I can't wait for the next season.
  • Great show! - One of the few shows I look forward to watching.

    This show is one of my all time favourites, and both seasons so far have been unmissable! (I now own season 1 on DVD, which I cant show watching.)

    Hustle is about a group of 5 Con artists, who only con those who deserve it.

    The storyline are so well planned/written and so original and complicated - but not to complex for the views to understand - and you never see what’s coming no matter how many times you guess.

    The characters are great to, making the whole con look easy and making the life of a con, appealing to us viewers.
  • What a great show!

    I love this show. It's so different every time. I love the whole con thing ansd I love tryin to figure it out. My fav character is ash cus he takes cra eof the little things that really matter. I cany wait for the third series. I never saw the first one cus I thought it might be crap but then I watched the end of it and the second and became hooked. I love it. A great show all round.
  • Possibly the smartest show on television.

    Hustle is the story of a bunch of 'grifters' (Con artists) who are halfway to being Robin Hoods; that is, they steal from the rich, but haven't yet gotten around to giving it to the poor. They do, however, only steal from those who "deserve it", allowing you to like the characters a lot more than you could if they were just thieves.

    The artistry and complex plots require a lot of writing skill, and it is a great credit to the writers to pull it off seamlessly. You are kept guessing until the very end, but you are never left hanging. The cast are great, and the show is everything it should be; funny, smart, action packed, and clever.

    If you get the chance, watch it.
  • How to be a grifter.

    This show brings hustling into a new perspective. It shows how to do something called "long hustles", not just the ordinary "find the queen" scam that every streetcorner has.

    The show has a similar quality as Mission Impossible (the newer series from 1988, I have not seen the original series). They get a mark, they sort out what to do, and they do it.

    The series center around a group of people, there's the fixer that can get you anything, the sexy girl with the sharp mind, the roper that finds the mark and sucks him in and introduces him to the inside man, the brains, and the new guy.

    The new guy is how we learn, as the series develop they teach him new tricks. How to perfect the hustling. And at the same time this shows us the actual art. During the score the series might bring the series to a pause to explain more.

    All in all, the series is time well spent, it is amusing, at points even hilarious, it has interesting personalities that develop, there's a good mixture of everything needed to concoct a good and filling broth.
  • In one word: Brilliant.

    Hustle brings it all together:
    interesting unique characters which form a more interesting group, stylish locations and settings, intelligent conversations which lead to great consetups and that equals the BIG money.

    it's interesting how every con unfolds and how the characters reveal a bit more of there secrets in every episode.
    another point is that there is very few violence in this series. in fact it shows that the smart way is the mostly the better one without beeing geeky.

    technically hustle is done on a very high level. the look is great and there are is a lot of innovative camerawork in it.

    hustle shows the way good tv-shows have to be made.
  • One of the greatest shows every been to TV!

    Oh my, oh my... I never thought a series would be ever so surprising. It\'s fast, it\'s brilliant, every episode is a new great adventure, with the second season even more spinning than the first. Great show, I can\'t wait for the third season!

    I think Tony Jordan -- and the wonderful cast, are really doing an amazing job - each episode is almost movie-long, and sure feels movie-like (especially if you like \"ocean\'s eleven\" kind of movies). The plots are great, the characters are deep (but not too deep), and, well... the English know something about good TV, that\'s for sure.

  • a show about con artist nice show especialy the first season

    This show is fantastic it’s about a group of con artist they steel and deceive only when it’s rich when it’s a rich person or a bad person or when the challenge is exciting. A little bit like oceans 11. The first season is worth a 9.5 but the second is not as cool and original as the first one. But it still is nice to see in you’re spare time
    Season 3 is coming too
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