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  • Incredible storylines, brilliant characters, so very clever, LOVE IT!

    Absolutely love this show. It keeps me hooked from beginning to end and there is always a fantastic twist at the end of each episode that you would never guess. Although a programme about Con Artists, each character is so loveable and the Mark is always someone who you feel deserves to be conned. Very sophisticated and clever as well as fantastically filmed it always has a slight feel-good edge to it. Utterly brilliant in every way, can't wait for series 3 to commence!
  • The art of the con, "getting something for nothing." Hustle is a show that is in a league of its own! Amazing pace with plot twists and turns everywhere.

    Hustle is a show about a group of grifters(con artists) who work together on elaborate long cons. Each episode shows the crew trying to hustle a big score, and on they way they pull off smaller cons to raise money. What is so great about this show, is that you think you know what is happening, but each episode throws you a curve ball at the end. The audience usually has no idea whats going on until the very end, when the amazing plan B has worked like a charm. The characters are very well written as well as the script. Quick witty remarks, action, and the cons, make Hustle the show to watch!
  • Hustle - The 'Oceans' of TV.

    Hustle is my first British TV show. Before watching this show, I was told that British Television was full of boring stereotypes. But, Hustle really stood out for me as it was witty, entertaining, slick and stunningly stylish. The show is about a group of diversely skilled con artists who perform a series of scams and heists which are elaborate and challenging. It first looked like an Oceans rip-off but came into its own as the pilot progressed.

    Adrian Lester plays the clever, charming con man 'Mickey Stone' who has a perfect record in conning the rich. He is the leader of these 'pros of con' and completely outclasses rest of the cast on screen except Danny Blue (Marc Warren), a young talented short con expert who tries to join Mickey's team. Marc Warren certainly adds a touch of class and elegance to the show by his super comic skills and sarcastic nature.

    Another unique quality of this show is the 'freeze frame' shot along with 'thought tracking' in which time stops so that the characters can explain the minute details of the sting. The technicians crew have to be credited for this amazing camera-work. The writers also have done a great job by adding plenty of twists and turns in the plot, thus, making it worth watching.

    I have only watched the pilot till now and for that I would give it 8/10 but the show is bound to get better with time.
  • This show really sets the bar for all future shows relating to criminals. I just hope that the audience in the USA will be able to appreciate the show as much as the British audience does.

    It has everything you would want a show to be, amazing, comical, riveting and so slick. It really makes you feel as though you are part of the crew that are capable of pulling off these amazing cons that just keep you guessing throughout the episode and series. It never ceases to amaze as to what the group get up to and to what lengths they go to, to make their next big score to keep them afloat for the time being, until they find another sucker to take for a ride along with their money. Truly inspirational, and you just have to admire the creators, writers and of course the actors in being capable to make it into the massive hit that it is in the UK.
  • Hustle is a show that keeps you guessing

    You end up trying to figure out how they manage to get themselves out of whatever situation they're in or how they are going to con someone, when you find out how the hustle gang has managed it you realise how clever the show can be! This show has a good balance between the hustle gangs personal life and between their work. Sometimes you might be able to guess how but almost always you won't guess it all. Some parts in the show seem pointless but when it all comes together it makes you think you definitely wouldn't be able to become a grifter.
  • Good~!!

    I think that Hustle is just as good as it has always been. Seasons one to three were the best and i would say they were better than four and now 5. This is probably because season 3 didn't have mickey in it and now five is missing danny and stacie. However, i'm a fan of the show and will still be watching every episode. Just because it's missing a few favourites doesn't mean i'll abandon it. Will still watch it until it finishes and will still enjoy it. No matter who's in it, it's just as funny as always and the way pull off each con is fantastic. Really interesting and fun to watch.
  • Another great hit from the BBC drama department

    A breath of fresh air in every way. The show is just as clever as the characters, and what a brilliant mix they are, the cool leader, the wise old head, the fixer, the sexy charmer and the arrogant go getter. The plots are among the best I've ever seen, in fact they are, so full of clever and unexpected yet logical twists. Why can't all shows be like this? The best thing is that recently they haven't been getting away with it all the time so you no longer feel its be alright in the end. Truely essential viewing.
  • Hard to find something negative to say about this show!!

    This show is bound to be a classic. The cast is witty, charming, and loveable. It's impossible to dislike one character on Hu$tle because they all have the same goal. Their personalities make them unique and put the show in a league of its own. The concept is incredibly innovative yet, unlike many other shows on TV nowadays, still fathomable. These guys are slick and it's hard enough to find holes in these storylines--but who's looking?! The show is respectable in that it makes you love the guys who would normally be considered "bad guys," and not take pity on the seemingly "innocent" marks (aka the supposed "good guys").
  • Have you ever met a criminal with morals?

    I find it strange watching this show that makes me feel a connection with criminal masterminds, but I do. I can't explain it. It may have something to do with the addictive storylines that you try to predict, and think you have locked up until the final seconds where your theory is entirely blown to shreds. It may have something to do with them screwing over the arrogant and amoral of the British elite in such a humiliating fashion that you wished that these people actually existed. It could even have something to do with Jaime Murray. But whatever it is this show is captivating from theme music to credits. It’s clever, it’s funny, and it gives you that warm feeling in your stomach whenever you watch it. This is a show with the entirely necessary feel good factor.
  • Hustle has a style all it's own. It's posh, it's svelte and a whole heck of a lot of fun. Being a criminal never looked so cool.

    Hustle has a style all it's own. It's posh, it's svelte and a whole heck of a lot of fun. Being a criminal never looked so cool and being able to dip your feet into the fantasy of being part of Mickey Brick's team is what it's all about. We know that the life of a long con artist can't be this fabulous, but oh how we wish it was. Simply put, Hustle is what Oceans 11 and Oceans 12 wished it could be.

    Ensemble shows can be tough because invariably there's a weak character here or there, however with Hustle each character is strong in their own right. The anchor of the show may be Mickey "Bricks" Stone, but it wouldn't be a hit show without Danny, Stacie, Ash and Albert. It's the combination of all of the characters that makes the show what it is - fabulous.

    Throughout each episode, Mickey's team plays out a long con which is often times quite complicated. It's not until the end, when there's a bit of a "reveal" and we're able to see exactly how the con was played out. As a result, you're engaged from the beginning to see if you can figure out what the gang is up to. Thankfully, there's always a nice surprise at the end, so it's always fresh and surprising.

    Hustle provides high-style, tongue in cheek comedy with just a dash of realism to keep us coming back for more. Clever writing that doesn't rely solely on gimmicks makes this series a standout among all the rest. Clearly the BBC has a real gem on their hands and in my book is producing some of the best television anywhere on the globe.
  • The show's top-notch in some of the most important criteria for a great TV show. Hustle is smart, funny, unpredictable, and the acting is superb.

    This is the best show that most people have never seen or heard of. Mickey, Danny, Albert, Stacie, and Ash work together to perform "the long con." They make a living hustling greedy rich people out of their money. The funny thing is, they think that they are performing noble work. All five are extremely smart and are usually several steps ahead of their mark. Mickey, the leader, is the smartest character I've ever seen when it comes to human psychology. He's totally awesome! The writers really do an amazing job writing near-perfect scripts just about every episode. Even though the main characters are thieves, you can't help but cheer for them and applaud their brilliant planning and execution. No show combines humor, plot, and depth as good as Hustle.
  • a show about con artist nice show especialy the first season

    This show is fantastic it’s about a group of con artist they steel and deceive only when it’s rich when it’s a rich person or a bad person or when the challenge is exciting. A little bit like oceans 11. The first season is worth a 9.5 but the second is not as cool and original as the first one. But it still is nice to see in you’re spare time
    Season 3 is coming too
  • Just great, it\'s a pity having to wait a year for every season.

    I just love it. Carachters are well bult, avery chapter is fresh and interesting. The only bad thing, seasons a so short... At he beginnig I though I would soon get tired, because it\'s no easy to make so many con stories, but creators jus make every episode really special. Every season just gets better, and allways with the same cast, wich I fint it relly difficult to do. It has been a wonderfull discovery for me, really amazing. I just can\'t wait for next season to satart, and I know i will have to wait for a long year.
  • its an amazinhg show, however in season 4 it is just not the same without mickey. 10/10

    an amazing show. a con crew based in london, they work the long con getting huge takings. it is so amazing after you have watched it you feel like you have been conned as well. it is written and directed very well, you cannot fault the programme the only problem is that in season 4 mickey is not there and he was the best character so that season is still good but it cannot match up to the amazingness of 1-3.abolutely. watch it it is addictive. actors are amazing storylines are untouchable. un comparable to anything else. 100% ., 10/10 ,. bring on the next seasons
  • Never con an honest man…. Promise something for nothing, and give nothing for something

    This movie made me love British series…. I love the con artists who only con the greedy people…. Love the concept… love the tricks…. Love the team…. Love everything about this series… I like Mickey, Stacy and Danny….. they are very funny… I love Edie the bartender…I always feel sorry for him because he always become the bullied…. I only watch it until the 3rd season and haven't watch the 4th yet but I heard Mickey wasn't there anymore… America stole him apparently… disappointed… I don't know who's going to replace him… but I can't imagine somebody else playing this part….
  • The Con Is On!!

    This show is genius! i first watched an episode 3 years ago, me and my student flat mates were watching TV and it came on, it was the series 1 finale, but we didnt realise! and we were hooked! we waited for the next week to arrive and we put the TV on at the same time and it wasnt on, we didnt realise it was th season finale! we were gutted!

    Soooo...i asked good old chris cringle for series 1 for christmas! and i must say, it was awesome! the plot lines and cons are awesome, the way all the characters flow together is amazing! and there is generally always a twist at the end of the episodes, where something has happened off-screen and it is shown at the end to wrap up the con! but sometimes the cons are not always 100% succesfull, thats why i like it so much as they dont aways manage to pull off the con! so you never know what to expect, since i have watched series 2 and 3 and it gets better by the series! gonna watch series 4 soon, hopefully it will stick to the same standards! because i dont think it could possibly get any better! but i shame wait and see!

    Highly recommended!
  • In one word: SENSATIONAL!!

    The genuine article
    The con is on, and the series of the 60s-style crime caper is just as slick and sexy as it is silly.
    Slick, glossy and full of technical gee-whizzery - Hustle!
    Sensational is the only way to describe Hustle. Every episode so far has been a gem. The last episode in the second season was exceptionally good. I defy anyone to claim they had the con worked out from the beginning; when the penny finally did drop, the elation was tangible. Adrian Lester and Robert Vaughn head a quintet of grifters: scam merchants dedicated to "long cons" that involve meticulous planning, wisecracks and sporadic outbreaks of conscience.

    In an age when TV consists mainly of a sea of drivel, we should all rejoice in these islands of intelligent entertainment. I only that this wonderful series is picked up again and again and again ...
  • Hustle is such a great show. Like the hit show LOST, it keeps you thinking and makes you pay attention to every detail. Shows like that are rare.

    Most shows now are reality shows. It's hard to find a show as good as Hustle. Hustle makes you think (which people don't do enough of nowadays). You're always trying to guess the ending but you never know what it is. It's a complicated show and that's what makes it so great! What's also nice is that if you miss an episode you wont be confused about the next one. It's a funny show too.
  • Fantastic!

    This show is slick, smooth and just a kick to watch. This is how a show should be produced. I liken it to the old Mission Impossible series, but with more of a behind the scenes aspect. We see how the team gets their mark and watch them discuss the plan as it goes along, though we're not shown everything.

    Adrian Lester is fantastic. I had no idea he had such range. I thought he was American at first, because I had seen him in a film portraying a New Yorker. On here, he changes his accent to suit the characters he plays, and he does a phenomenal job.

    I'm also pleased with Robert Vaughn's performance. Always a favorite since the Man From UNCLE days, he's such a joy to watch.
  • its a great british show about a group of friends, their job? pull cons on greedy people.

    love it its an hour well spent. just wish they were more than 6 episodes per season, you will fall for all 5 characters. the show takes place in london, and the locations are awesome. the 5 characters are Mickey, Stacie, Ash, Danny and albert, and each of them complement each other, mickey is the the brains, Ash is in charge of getting hotels, tolls etc, stacie is their secret weapon of seduction, albert finds the marks and danny is the \\\"new guy\\\". i hope all of you enjoy it as much as i do, for the South Americans visitors i found out it runs on people and arts every night.
  • Smart, sexy, and suave, this show just drips with cool.

    This has got to be one of the best shows on television, British or otherwise.

    Mickey Bricks Stone, Danny Blue, Albert Stroller, Stacie Monroe, and Ash Morgan are a confidence team, conning their way through upper class London.
    Using their street smarts, upper class intelligence and an extra deck up their sleeves, they always get their mark.

    The First Rule of the Con: You can't cheat an honest man. Can't be done. Impossible. Find someone who wants something for nothing, and give them nothing for something.

    Smart, sexy, and suave, this show just drips with cool.
  • The best non-con that would put pros to shame

    Although you could say it gives people ideas it is still a brillant show a true masterpiece that you could not recreate if you tried and they it stops and they talk pure genius, A comedy type show full of twist and turns that you didn't see coming like a car knocking you down but it isn't a car it's amazement and it doesn't cause serious effects only the jaw dropping wow factor.
  • One of the best shows ever!!

    This show is really great. Funny, intense, extremely intelligent writing, GREAT acting, and can even get a little intense. This show manages to con the audience everytime, even if you've learned to pick up on somethings, when the closing music starts, you know your in for a surprise. I can't wait for season 4. the only negative is that there are only 6 episodes a season. Great SHow
  • Just love this one. Smart, smooth, sexy, and sly. I look forward to it every week. What a great choice. Worth a try.

    “Hustle” is an excellent BBC import. “Hustle” is one of the more stylish series on TV (broadcast and cable) from storylines and characters to sets, fades, and transitions. Each episode is so well woven and includes the viewer on the secrets of the con. The moral and game elements of the themes allow the viewer to associate with the characters on a level beyond entertainer and entertained. The shots are crisp, no idea is left undeveloped, and the music is complimentary. It is nice to watch a clever and smooth hour long series that is not dark and gloomy as many are these days. The good guys win, albeit with seamless effort and illegal activity. It is very well balanced in every way which makes it go down so easily, leaving one thirsting for more. Highly Recommended!!
  • clever, witty and hillarious

    this show was very well done. The "grifts" are very clever and well thought out. This is a british version that rivals and beats Ocean's Eleven. The show consists of a team of 5 people that are constantly puting together elaborate con's where they use brilliant trickery to cheat people money. The creators make the "bad guys" good, their first rule is "you can't cheat an honest man" "it's impossible". Every episode is original and employs a brilliant con that keeps you laughing and thinking the whole way.

    Not your average crime show, unlike the american copy "Heist" is realistic and much more exhilerating and addictive.
  • This is a must see drama about a gropu of stylish and secret con-men. it is quite simple and easy to understand!

    Firstly, it is the best drama shover ever and it really akes you excited.It is great drama, it also has a bit of comedy and a lot of realism. It is very gripping and a must see.

    The characters all have very good, interesting and best of all, different personalities. That is how this show gets you interested.

    It is a great, hour long drama showing the life of a group of con-men. The cons get even bigger and the last episode of the series is always a fantastic, mind-blowing con. These cons vary from jewell thiefs to portrait swaping.

    This TV Drama is a must see!

    Here are the people who play those fantastic characters.

    Adrian Lester
    Mickey Stone

    Marc Warren
    Danny Blue

    Robert Vaughn
    Albert Stroller

    Jaime Murray
    Stacie Monroe

    Robert Glenister
    Ash Morgan
  • A must see drama with all the perks to keep you coming back for more!

    This is a cleverly written show about five very intriguing con artists who are skillful, perky, bold and proficient. ALBIE, \\\"The Roper\\\" (Robert Vaughn)is the classy, suave, mild mannered con....ASH, \\\"The Fixer\\\" (Robert Glenister)has all the gadgets and gizmos to make the con work....MICKEY BRICKS, \\\"The Inside Man\\\" (Adrian Lester) is as slick and charming as they come....DANNY BLUE, \\\"The Wild Card\\\" (Marc Warren)the younger \\\"intern\\\" con with a playful attitude
    mixed with a stunning aptitude....and last, but not least....STACIE MONROE, \\\"The Lure\\\" (Jaime Murray)an attractive, sexy, clever con that lures the mark right in! These five will have you interested, wondering, squirming, astonished and chuckling until the very end.
  • 2 words - KICK ASS

    this show puts other crime shows in the corner. hustle is the best crime show ever! with all the little unrelated events happening through the show, up until the end, you just cant keep track of whats goin on. if ya havent seen it, go and see it now.

    Hustle rocks!
  • Mickey, Danny, Stacie, Albert and Ash are a group of grifters who play the 'long-con'. A good con artist takes the mark's money and he doesn't even know he's been conned, Mickey and the gang are at the top of the chain, and nothing can stop them.

    I love Hustle so much. This excellent show rocks and the BBC are awesome at making quick thinking cool dramas like this. It beats most of that american crap and ever since it's been aired on AMC over in the US I think it's got a bit more recognisation. Usually when they do something like that the show ends up all 'americanized' and that pi**es me off, but I guess it's stayed as true to the originality as it could. I'm glad that the Kudos and the BBC decided to share this astounding and magnificent piece of TV with the yanks *lol* Oh and by the way, I'm British and I highly recommend this show to everyone who does and doesn't like dramas, it'll show you what you're missing.

  • Superb Entertainment! Every episode plays mindgames with the viewer

    Loved "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels". This is so much like that movie in terms of flashy camera work, intricate plotting, brit wry humor, and a killer soundtrack.

    Everything about this series just draws you into the environment Mickey and his crew move around in. From the classy intro animation, the jazz cum bossa nova / lounge music heard all over the episodes, it just evokes style and class.

    Great Storytelling. Nice to check up on the episodes again to see what you missed unlike other series where once you've watched it, there's really nothing that makes you want to watch an episode again.

    No episode wasted. Maybe one or two somewhat lame epsiodes but nothing that really takes down the series.

    Worth Watching and totally Engrossing.
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