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  • The Big Con

    You the watcher may be able to get a better view of Hustle if you will imagine for a moment what would happen if, say, ten of your friends decided to play a prank on you. They get together without your knowledge and write the script for a play which will last for 3 - 5 days. There are parts for all of them. Your every probable reaction has has been calculated in advance and the script prepared to meet these reactions. Furthermore, this drama is motivated by some fundamental weakness of yours--liquor, money, women, men, or even some harmless event. You are forced to go along with the play, speaking approximately the lines which are expected; they spring unconsciously to your lips. You have no choice but to go along, because most of the probable objections you can raise have been charted, and logical reactions to them have been provided in the script. Your natural but latent motives are called forth in perfectly contrived situations; actions which, under other circumstances, you would never perform seem natural and logical. You are the victim of a confidence game.