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  • Taking queues from many con movies and possibly con shows, Hustle delivers a twist ending to every plot. Unfortunately, Hustle offers more flash con and twist your head plot than actual substance.

    For the 4-6 episodes I've watched, Hustle displays a fine-tuned camera work and music to match perfectly to the thrill of watching a con. With all of these ingredients added you'd think this would be the formula for a great show. But the fact of the matter is this formula is tiresome after a while.

    Watching 4 episodes of Hustle, one can see that Hustle works much like a con works. Misdirection, slight of hand, and facade are all part of a con and also Hustle and other con movies and con tv shows. Hustle shows you one scene but later tells you what really happened. For movies and one time ventures this sauve misdirection works but for a tv series that uses the same formula over and over it makes any each additional episode that much more predictable or tiring. Through each viewing its readily apparent that most of the episodes are the same. The plots may change from show to show but intuitively all the episodes seem the same. However boring the show may be the one aspect of the show that makes a little more annoying that it is its own creative mystique. The actors sauve facades and enchanting music can be entrancing on first viewing however when used each episode it becomes annoying, albeit its not used every episode. So for those that are not that interested in the con artist genre one episode is probably enough; for those that like the con artist genre it should be up your alley.