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  • This program is very intresting as well as funny and witty. you dont need to watch every episode either to follow along, which i think is great. Great Characters, overall great show, shame they only do 1 series a year with only 6 episodes.

    Based around 5 main characters, In April every year the new series of Hustle starts. the characters are brilliant and the episodes are well thought out and made brilliantly.
    Each character has their own roles and responsibilitys and they all work brilliantly as a team. its a shame they only do 6 episodes a year as i could watch it loads. its good how you dont have to watch every episode either you can just watch one here and there and still follow along. which i think sometimes is importanat to have in a show becuase a lot of people do not get time to sit down every single week and tune in to a show.
    the Cons are brilliant, very clevely thought out.
    i am very very impressed with this show, and cant wait for the next series.