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  • Hustle - The 'Oceans' of TV.

    Hustle is my first British TV show. Before watching this show, I was told that British Television was full of boring stereotypes. But, Hustle really stood out for me as it was witty, entertaining, slick and stunningly stylish. The show is about a group of diversely skilled con artists who perform a series of scams and heists which are elaborate and challenging. It first looked like an Oceans rip-off but came into its own as the pilot progressed.

    Adrian Lester plays the clever, charming con man 'Mickey Stone' who has a perfect record in conning the rich. He is the leader of these 'pros of con' and completely outclasses rest of the cast on screen except Danny Blue (Marc Warren), a young talented short con expert who tries to join Mickey's team. Marc Warren certainly adds a touch of class and elegance to the show by his super comic skills and sarcastic nature.

    Another unique quality of this show is the 'freeze frame' shot along with 'thought tracking' in which time stops so that the characters can explain the minute details of the sting. The technicians crew have to be credited for this amazing camera-work. The writers also have done a great job by adding plenty of twists and turns in the plot, thus, making it worth watching.

    I have only watched the pilot till now and for that I would give it 8/10 but the show is bound to get better with time.