Season 2 Episode 3

The Lesson

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Apr 12, 2005 on BBC
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Danny has found a potential new member for the gang, Trevor (played by Lee Ingleby). He's a short con artist, who's very good at what he does, but his marks are not always the greedy; he also targets the elderly and the poor...

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  • This shows what happens when you think you're getting over on the Hustle team.

    Trevor, a short con handpicked by Danny, attempts to make the team. Reluctantly, Mickey agrees and fills him on the team's next target: A notorious Nigerian businessman named Anthony Mgube, who is into collecting rare bank notes. The original plan is to take pictures of an identical note (owned by a widow), while creating a fake and pawning it as an original for an asking price of 500,000 pounds. But when Trevor loses the note, the team kicks him out. Trevor, in his greed, decides to buy the note from the widow (who doesn't want to sell) and bring it to Mgube, pocketing all of the profits.

    On the other side, Stacie fights with a bank over 85 pounds that was taken from her account as an overcharge. She enlists the services of Albert to help her extract revenge on the bank. How do these two plotlines converge? Brilliantly. Trevor's greed ultimately becomes his undoing, as the Hustle team is always one step ahead of things, as the team extracts revenge on both Trevor and the bank in one of the better plot twists that you'll see.

    The second season of Hustle has some of the best episodes of the entire run, and this episode is no exception.moreless
  • The team add a new member. Mild spoilers...

    I loved this episode! Seriously a great one, although I suspected early on that all was not on the up and up (when is it ever with this show) when I recognized one of the characters in a different role. However, even with that, trying to figure out what is going on with the con is always fun as the episodes are very good at keeping you guessing.

    I was glad to see that the some of the people I thought were getting grifted weren't, and I enjoyed seeing sum other characters get what was coming to them. Danny is seriously growing on me as a character. In season one I thought he was a little bit too full of himself without a lot to back it up, but this season I feel like he is really becoming more competent, although he still has his lapses in small time cons.

    Overall one of my favorite episodes of the season. Thoroughly enjoyable.moreless
  • Amazing episode, well worth your time

    This was (to me) THE best episode of the show "Hustle". This episode was exciting, clever and so much more! Which is why I find it disappointing that few people outside of Britain watch or appreciate this show.

    This episode really reminded me of why I love Hustle so much. The entire episode was unpredictable and played on the fear that the audience had that the show would change (Which it would have if the guy had joined)

    All in all, this episode is definitely worth watching and showing whoever is interested in good quality Television, something Hustle's 2nd season was consistently.moreless
  • Great episode

    Wow was that a great episode or what. That Trevor was a bit of a prat. I knew he was bad from the moment he tried to get in the gang by nagging Danny. I was shocked at the ending though. I usually find that when I don't see something coming it must have been great and once again this show proves to be just that. I would have never have guessed that everyone in the episode that was playing the part of the victim was actually one of them in disguise or a relative of theres. I was even more taken aback when we found out that Trevor is fleecing old women on the short con, but as always the gang are one step ahead.moreless
  • After Danny finds Trevor in a local bar playing the short con, he decides to take him under his wing and teach him the long con. But as things escalate Trevor realises that greed doesn't payout.moreless

    i have to admit i didn't see the plot ending like it does....they even had me fooled. : D . its very cleverly constructed so that right up until the last minute your sitting there thinking "what just happened?". but i have to admit, my favorite scene is the very last one where their all in eddie's pub.

    i definatley think that Trevor got his just deserts in this.

    SPOILER !!!!

    I mean cheating grandma's ! using their dead husbands as an excuse to gain their trust and money !!! Imean WTF is he thinking ?

    who said that there isn't honour between thiefs ?

Lee Ingleby

Lee Ingleby

Trevor Speed

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Doreen Mantle

Doreen Mantle

Anne Foster

Guest Star

Lee Cornes

Lee Cornes

Ray Bond

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Rob Jarvis

Rob Jarvis


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  • TRIVIA (2)

    • In the obituary we can clearly see that Danny's grandfather's name was Peter John Rice, as we know Danny's family name is Blue so they must be the grandparents from his mother's side.

    • When Trevor sells his land to Hopkins - the bank manager - the agreement shows a sale price of £450,000. This means that Trevor only used £150,000 to "buy" the note from Mrs Foster and still has £300,000 and therefore won't be homeless for long.

  • QUOTES (3)

    • Albert: Where've you been?
      Ash: Mickey gave me a shopping list.
      Albert: Did you get what you need?
      Ash:Yeah, all done.
      Albert: Good, I got another job for you.
      Ash: Cor blimey, I've never been so popular.

    • (Closing his speech in order to assure his position in the team and add Trevor as a new partner)
      Danny: Sometimes a bloke, you know, has to stand up for what he stands... for.

    • (at Mrs Forster's, with Trevor, during their attempt to get a look at her banknotes collection)
      Mrs. Foster: I'm 83, you know...
      Danny: I don't believe it... (exchanging looks with to Trevor) You don't look a day over 75!
      Mrs. Foster: Would you like another slice of cake?
      Danny: Maybe later (and he winks at her).

  • NOTES (3)

    • This episode aired in the US on the AMC network on March 4th, 2006 at 10PM EST/EDT.

    • Crew for this episode with a missing name or unavailable credit:
         " Adam Young (3rd Assistant Director)
         " Clare Jones (Assistant Co-ordinator)
         " Christine Hagon (Production Accountant)
         " Fran Salix-Alba (Assistant Accountant)
         " Sam Donovan (Continuity)
         " Rupert Bray (Location Manager)
         " Marc Vincent (Locations Assistant)
         " George Grieve (Clapper Loader)
         " Richard Potter (Best Boy)
         " James Bain (Sound Maintenance)
         " Ben Munro (Standby Art Director)
         " George Simons (Art Department Assistant)
         " Ben Barrington-Groves (Art Department Assistant)
         " Abi Groves (Production Buyer)
         " Hayley Guiheen (Assistant Buyer)
         " Ray Holt (Props Master)
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         " Malcolm Holt (Dressing Props)
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         " Jane Hamnett (Wardrobe Supervisor)
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         " The Senate Visual Effects (Visual Effects)
         " Berger & Wyse (Opening Titles)
         " Amanda Searle (Stills Photographer)
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         " Andrew Mitchell (On-line Editor)
         " Aidian Farrell (Colourist)
         " Julian Slater (FX Editor)
         " Simon Rogers (Title Music)
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    • Crew Member Changes:
         " Lydia Currie (1st Assistant Director)
         " Anna Brabbins (2nd Assistant Director)
         " Sam Donovan (Continuity)
         " Rupert Bray (Location Manager)
         " George Grieve (Clapper Loader)
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