Season 5 Episode 6

The Road Less Travelled

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 12, 2009 on BBC
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In the season finale, past victims of the gang's cons team up to bring down the team and get their money back.

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  • The team are faced by their past when former marks band together to exact revenge.

    An ingenious twist to the series' premise kicks this episode of perfectly. The team have met their match, and on the face of it, it seems they've lost.

    But as fans of Hustle know, the team are always one step ahead. Which is why this episode would have been so much better if it had been placed in an earlier series. By now, the viewer knows that no matter how hopeless things seem for the team, they are always in control.

    Nevertheless, we always wonder how they can possibly make something out of this scrape. Here, all hope seems lost. It seems there is no possible loophole, although we know there must be one. So when all is revealed, we are inevitably impressed.

    Much of the tension from the episode is generated by Mickey's struggle to push ahead with the plan, suspecting that something foul is afoot. But why does he struggle to make these decisions when he is in control and knows exactly what is happening? A rare flaw.

    Of course, the ending of the final episode of a series of Hustle is always great. Here, it's Carlton's reaction to the team's revelation that makes this one really shine. We can only hope that he and Harry return in a future episode. They are just too good to only appear in two episodes.

    Ultimately, this episode works well, although much of the dramatic tension does not work when it becomes inconsistent with events within the story. Nevetheless, this episode is intelligent and, as with all the best Hustle episodes, just great fun.moreless
Adam James

Adam James

Carlton Wood

Guest Star

Tom Goodman-Hill

Tom Goodman-Hill

Alfie Baron

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Roger Heathcott

Roger Heathcott


Guest Star

Rob Jarvis

Rob Jarvis


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    • Alfie: Trouble is mommy is allergic to them.
      Carlton: You mother is allergic to lions?
      Alfie: No, plebs.

    • Sean: So you've laid the bait. That's where the fixer comes in. He makes sure wherever the mark looks, the story holds up.
      Ash: In other words, I'm a genius whose job it is to make you Flash Harrys look good.
      Mickey: Ash is prone to exaggeration.
      Ash: Look whose talking.

    • Mickey: She cheated on me.
      Emma: Sorry. So you split up?
      Mickey: Yeah, had to really. I beat the guy half to death with a baseball bat and got sent to prison for three years.
      Emma: You beat someone with a baseball bat?!
      Mickey: Why so surprised?
      Emma: Um…...because it's quite out of character!
      Mickey: What, did you expect me to con him to death?

    • Mickey: I think women choose their men a little like they choose their clothes. They'll buy a dress, even though it isn't exactly what they want or doesn't quite fit, thinking they'll fix it when they get it home. I think that's why a lot of women like bad boys. They see them as exciting raw material.
      Emma: So from that I take it your wife didn't like who you were?
      Mickey: No, she didn't like what I did.
      Emma: She wasn't a grifter?
      Mickey: No.
      Emma: Well, maybe next time you should marry someone in the same line of business.
      Mickey: Is that a proposal?

    • Ash: So how was the date last night?
      Alfie: Date?
      Ash: Yeah, the redhead.
      Alfie: Oh right, yeah. Ate like a horse, drank a bottle of Pino Griego, and not so much as a fumble.
      Ash: So much for hot blood, eh?
      Alfie: Oh I haven't given up yet. Thought I'd take her home, meet Ma and Pa at the weekend. Stately homes, renowned for turning the most frigid thing into a raving nympho.

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