Season 3 Episode 3

Ties That Bind Us

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Mar 24, 2006 on BBC
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Fellow con-man James Whittaker Wright III enlists the help of the Hustle crew to avenge his legendary grifter grandfather's treatment by Cornfoots Merchant Bank. Posing as enterpreneurs and investors they try to get back at the bank by a massive con. But have the Hustle crew forgotten just how devious James Whittaker Wright III can be?moreless

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  • An American grifter comes to town to take down a British bank with the help of Mickey's crew.

    This wasn't my favorite episode. While I enjoyed watching them put the con together, and I seriously enjoyed them screwing over the banks, I didn't really like the episode overall. ***Spoilers***

    I seriously do not believe that just because they read a note on supposedly dead man's chest that told them that the checks were worthless, that they would then leave the checks behind. That is so completely out of character for the crew that I quite simply don't buy it.

    I also don't enjoy the episodes where they are outconned, and I don't believe this wang of a con artist would have been able to pull it off. Maybe if this episode had happened in season one I would have found it more believable but after you have three seasons of these characters being at the top of the game, it just seems unlikely.moreless
  • Another clever, fast-paced episode with an intricate scam to get back at a London bank with a history of swindling its clients.

    The fearless five are back again to right a wrong by pulling off a scam with financial reward for themselves a secondary motive (except for getting a couple of million to pay expenses). The complicated plot about manipulating financial markets and fast pace kept my attention throughout even though I only understood a small portion of the intricate details. Guest star Richard Chamberlain has aged gracefully since his Dr. Kildare days and plays a smooth role as the American seeking revenge. Marc Warren seems like a natural in the role of the brash and unlikable client. I enjoyed the old-time movie scenes, especially with Albert as judge and Mickey as Charlie Chaplin. Using a luxury boat as part of the scam was a nice touch. The way they manipulated trading on the London Stock Exchange seemed a bit far-fetched, even with my limited financial knowledge but then this is not a documentary. The fake death was also somewhat implausible although having Mickey there as doctor was clever. I also have my reservations about the viability of converting washbasins to bidets.moreless
  • Brilliant series runs out of ideas, resorts to cheap gimmicks and gags to distract from tired writing...

    Don't get me wrong, I like this series a lot, but my nagging fears raised with last weeks episode have been sadly confirmed. The show is letting go of the stylish slick sophisticated feel that made it so great in the first place in favour of silly storylines and cartoon characters. This week the gang get conned by a master con man in a story full of holes. The two marks, merchant bankers are like caricatures and some of the short cons used by the 'master' are very woofy indeed. Add to that a very corny 1920's silent movie re-enactment played out by the cast and you're looking at a fairly big chunk of cheese. I still can't help but enjoy it regardless...moreless
  • Fellow con-man James Whittaker Wright III enlists the help of the Hustle crew to avenge his grandfather's treatment by Cornfoots Bank. Posing as entrepreneurs and investors, they plan to take the bank in a complicated scam. Have the Hustle crew forgottenmoreless

    Another top episode. The Hustle script-writers and bang on target again an again. Hats off to BBC for rolling out one great installment after another. I guess the Americans really need to learn a lot from a series of such high calibre. BBC manages to bring out the best in the crew once again. Mickey Bricks was amazing while posing as Charlie Chaplin. They should have made the storyline more clear though. Many people don't know much about stocks and should hae explined how it works. The twist in the story towards the end of Whittaker dying was unimaginable !moreless
  • Bringing the traditions of BBC drama to light, and managing to get the best of the crew once again. Brilliant episode!

    This was fabulous. I mean, apart from the fact that the gang have been conned, the second or third time this season for certain members (hint hint), it's great! And Eddie didn't get conned today! What was with that? It's blasphemy! Which is the only reason this doesn't get ten marks... Well, it WAS slightly confusing too...

    The silent film scenes were fantastic, especially with Mickey portraying Charlie Chaplin in a most excellent manner. Go Adrian Lester! It was also fantastic for regular BBC fans to see their almost-copyrighted ghost scene - a nice reminder for any Narnia fans out there (cough). The episode was, overall, fantastic, but I STILL didn't hear what the product was! Toilet/ what?!

    Here's to hoping the next three are as good!moreless
Richard Chamberlain

Richard Chamberlain

James Whittaker Wright III

Guest Star

Terence Harvey

Terence Harvey

Charles Cornfoot

Guest Star

Stephen Campbell Moore

Stephen Campbell Moore

Quenton Cornfoot

Guest Star

Rob Jarvis

Rob Jarvis


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • During the briefing scene (at the gangs penthouse), the handheld device Danny is seen playing with is a PSP (PlayStation Portable). This is also the first time that a video games console appears in Hustle.

  • QUOTES (2)

    • (Cut to Danny, engrossed in playing his PSP)
      Danny: Get in there!
      (slowly he stops playing and looks up, all eyes are on him)
      Danny: Eh?
      (everyone smiles trustingly, as Danny looks at them, confused)

    • Mickey: Finally, we need someone to front the company.
      Albert: Ideally, we need a person who's completely obnoxious.
      JW3: A brash, ignorant flash Harry...
      Mickey: Yeah, a mouthy, full-of-himself, know-nothing barrow boy who'll instantly get right up the toffee noses of every banker in the city.

  • NOTES (4)

    • This episode aired in the US on the AMC network on July 12th, 2006 at 10PM EST/EDT.

    • According to the Broadcaster's Audience Research Board, LTD (BARB), this episode of "Hustle" garnered 5.74 million viewers. This episode was ranked 11th on BBC1 and 30th for all 5 networks for the week ending 03/26/2006.

    • Crew for this episode with a different title:
      " Jamie Parsons (Unit Manager)
      " Roger Tooley (Steadicam Operator)
      " Llewellyn Harrison (Grip)
      " Ray Holt (Props Master)
      " Dolores McGinley (Visual Effects)
      " Claire Moorsom (Script Editor)
      " Rudi Buckle (Sound Recordist)
      " Jan Sewell (Make-up & Hair Designer)

    • Crew for this episode with a missing title:
      " Anna Kemp (3rd Assistant Director)
      " Celine Goetz (Assistant Co-ordinator)
      " Steven Edwicker (Production Accountant)
      " Jacqueline O'Sullivan (Assistant Accountant)
      " Philippa James (Continuity)
      " Matthew Steinmann (Location Manager)
      " Matthew Clarke (Locations Assistant)
      " George Grieve (Clapper Loader)
      " Richard Potter (Best Boy)
      " James Bain (Sound Maintenance)
      " Sam Clark-Hall (Standby Art Director)
      " Quinn Robinson (Assistant Art Director)
      " Dale Manning (Assistant Art Director)
      " Alice Norris (Set Dresser)
      " Paul Michel (Props Storeman)
      " Steven Westley (Dressing Props)
      " Danny Lennon (Prop Hand)
      " Paul Bovington (Standby Props)
      " Liam Collins (Standby Props)
      " Laurie Griffiths (Standby Carpenter)
      " Derek Docksey (Standby Rigger)
      " Jane Hamnett (Wardrobe Supervisor)
      " Harriet Lyons (Standby Costume)
      " Grant Weisenger (Wire Technician)
      " Berger & Wyse (Opening Titles)
      " Amanda Searle (Stills Photographer)
      " Premier PR (Publicity)
      " Emma Oxley (Assistant Editor)
      " Andrew Mitchell (On-line Editor)
      " Barney Jordan (On-line Editor)
      " Aidian Farrell (Colourist)
      " Darren Banks (FX Editor)
      " James Feltham (Dubbing Mixer)
      " Ben Scott (Loft Design)
      " Simon Rogers (Title Music)
      " Beatguru (Original Music)


    • In the scene in which Danny is playing a handheld video game, he is playing a Sony PSP. At the time of this episode's airing the PSP was seen as a very fashionable and high-tech gadget to have. The unit was only released six months earlier in Europe and was rarely seen in drama series. The producers probably picked up on this fact and felt it would be a good addition to the high-class style of Hustle.