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  • Season 1
    • Four People Form a Tiger
      Set prior to the events of the series, everyone gets ready for the first day of high school. Meanwhile, Torako and Suzume decide to run away from home.
    • First a Daughter, Second a Son, and Third a Tiger Cub / A Demon's Heart for a Lost Tiger Cub
    • 10/14/09
      When a colleague has to rush home to care for a sick child, their home-room teacher declares a self-study hour, which moves to the gym to get an early start on the next period's PE class. Meanwhile, Yanagi and friends kibbutz from the balcony, with Yanagi hoping to get easily-marketed photos of the girls in their gym clothes.moreless
    • A Winged Tiger
      A Winged Tiger
      Episode 10
      When T_ma is passing away her time on the top of the school building, Torako approaches her and tries to have a talk. T_ma, however, rejects and makes a statement that she dislikes Torako, while Torako thinks T_ma is too boring. Later, T_ma encounters Torako's friends in school and she decides with certainty that all of them are strange in one way or another.moreless
    • Pity, Not for the Tiger's Sake / Suzume and You Shall Receive
      Minato drops and loses her only coin in front of the vending machines. When She loses her hope of retrieving the coin and begins to cry, Torako and Ayumi happens to meet her. Torako buys her a can of drink, so that she would stop crying. After receiving a favor from Torako, Minato persistently tries to return the favor by constantly offering any helps, which eventually annoys her to the great extent. / In the second part of the episode, Suzume walks around the school and receives foods and drinks from her friend as a goodwill. Later, Torako and Ayumi is amazed at the amount of gifts that Suzume collected around the school.moreless
    • An Arrow Stuck in a Tiger
      Inori is in distress for not being able to make friends as she has trouble speaking out loud and her face covered by a long hair freaks out other students. Torako then decides to help her out by asking her friends to renovate her face, so it can give a better impression on the other students. Meanwhile, Torako goes around the classes and changes the classmates' and her homeroom teacher's hairstyles as she pleases.moreless
    • A Fox and a Tiger Finally Meet
      Koma and Yanagi are hiding in bushes and taking photographs of students secretly. Meanwhile, Kitsuna decides to help them out and pulls a skirt prank on Ayumi, so that Koma and Yanagi can take 'better' photographs of her. / In the second part of the episode, Torako complains to her friends about all the bad memories she had with her brother in the past. On the next day, Kitsune brings Shishimaru to Torako's lunch. Kitsune decides to pull another prank on Torako by secretly putting a whole bottle of spice in Torako's ramen, which forces Torako to switch her meal with Shishimaru, bringing unintended affect on their relationship.moreless
    • Tigers on Three Sides
      Torako, Suzume, and Ayumu visits Tatsuki's home without informing her in advance. Although Tatsuki is caught off-guard and is quite surprised their visit, she gladly invites them to her home. Meanwhile, Tatsuki's housemaid is relieved that Tatuski has made some good friends in the school as she had trouble making friends in the past.moreless
    • An Uncanny Relationship of Tigers / Try to Live Up to People's Expectations, Try Fighting a Tiger
      A new character, Yanagi, is introduced. Just like Koma, he makes profits from selling photographs of the students. When Shishimaru looks at Yanagi's photograph of Ayumu by chance, he is instantly infatuated with the photograph. / In the second part of the episode, Torako and Ushio skip the class together and spends their time together in the downtown and develops a friendship with each other.moreless
    • Drink like a Cow, Eat like a Horse, Eat like a Tiger / Tigers Hang Out with Tigers
      Torako and her friends go to the school cafeteria together. On the way, Torako teaches Ayumu about the 'Combo Card' which gives an extra portion of a meal. Torako pulls a prank on her by making her accidentally to order a noodle with extra large portion. / In the second part of the episode, Torako and her friends are in an art class, where students learn to draw each other. Ayumu and Torako takes seductive poses on the floor, while Koma passionately snaps their photographs with her digital camera.moreless
    • A Tiger at the Front Gate and a Tiger at the School Gate / Paper Tiger
      While Torako and Suzume are having a conversation together in the morning, they encounter Nene on their way. Torako is informed by her that she was involuntarily decided to be a member of the class discipline committee. On the next day morning, she is assigned a duty of checking the student's dress code. / In the second part of the episode, Torako and Suzume discovers a grotesque robot made by Chie, who is a member of the robotics club.moreless
    • Can't Catch a Tiger Cub Without Going Into the Tiger's Den
      Ayumu, Tatsuki, Torako and Suzume are looking for a school club to join. They try out several sports clubs together, but Torako ruins every attempt as she pulls various pranks on Tatsuki.
    • Coming Face-to-Face with the Tiger Cub
      While Ayumu is looking for a way to her classroom, she encounters Tatsuki on her way. Shortly after, they see Torako and Suzume leaping down from a second floor out of a window. After joining together as a group, they heads toward the classroom. About midway through the walk, they find an abandoned school building and accidentally break one of its window.moreless
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