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  • Perhaps "Needs FINE-tuning" is being a bit too generous... But it's been killed before it had a chance to develop.

    Think "Tripping The Rift" in live action and you can have a good idea of this show -- or perhaps what Hyperdrive COULD have been. The warship HMS Camden Locks has been re-tasked with a peacetime job of promoting Britian's economic interests to the Universe. A bridge crew of 5, including the ships Artificial Intelligence "pilot" make up the central characters, giving it a rich personality base to draw upon, since none of them seems well suited to their position. If one has to point a finger on just why this show didn't make it, it would have to be directed at the Captains character - or better at the writers not giving him one that the viewers could identify with.
  • Apparently it's like Red Dwarf...wait..wasn't Red Dwarf funny? They've mastered the special effects, but the comedy is almost non-existent.

    Something that struck me automatically with this show, is how pointlessly "rude" it is. It just isn't good, funny, or clever enough show to cover up it's disgusting and embarrassingly terrible so called "jokes".

    The only "joke" that made me laugh, was the fact that they even aired this rubbish on a prime time-slot.

    The main character, I haven't bothered to find out his name, just seems like a poor, unfunny Ricky Gervais rip-off.
    "Teal" is living proof that ogres still exist.

    I thought this was one of these shows that takes you a while to get into it, but after 4 episodes, that's definitely not the case. It was the kind of show that I just really wanted to like, but it's just made so badly.

    There are some similarities between this and Red Dwarf.
    However, Red Dwarfs humour is more joke based.
    Hyperdrive on the other hand, tends to go for the more "Absolutely not funny at all" method.

    I hate space-themed TV shows, but at least Star Wars and that rubbish actually worked.

    This is just excruciatingly bad in so many ways.
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