Hyperion Bay

The WB (ended 1999)


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Hyperion Bay

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In this short lived WB drama Mark-Paul Gosselaar (of Saved By The Bell) stars as Dennis Sweeney, a small-town boy, turned successful computer geek, who returns to his home town to open a division of the software company he works for. This reunites him with his construction worker father (Raymond J. Barry) and his older brother (Dylan Neal of The Bold & The Beautiful and Dawsons Creek) who is the former town football star. Dennis grew up in the shadow of his brother but now the roles have changed as the towns people are happy that he is bringing the modern world to Hyperion Bay and Nicks marriage is ending in divorce and his company is going under. However, not everyone is happy with Dennis's return or the changes this is making. Dennis and the other townspeople struggle with the changes, both good and bad, that come from bringing the modern world to Hyperion Bay. So Nick & Dennis have to deal with the townspeople, life, and each other.

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  • A young and motivated Software designer moves home to show his home town that he is more than just Nick's younger brother.

    Before this show I had never cared about computers, and never thought about what computers could do. I became an instant fan, it was nice to see Dylan Neal "Nick" become more than just a punch line for a gay one liner. He showed that he can be a serious actor, and while he undoubtedly had heavy drama experience with all his soap acting, it was nice to see him in a serious show. This show also introduced Mark Paul Gosselaar into an adult role, of which he was very good, while it was still hard to seperate him between the teen heart throb he had long been known as and serious adult actor, but his skills as an actor quickly made you forget his acting past. This was a good show, the plot started quick, and the show felt it had to keep up the pace, very rarely did it slow down and when it did it felt awkward, but for the up tempo shows it was "right".

    The cast was full of good young actors that have gone on to have strong careers, this was a show that just needed a stronger direction and it could have taken off.moreless