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  • Season 1
    • The Weight of the World
      Dennis and Sarah are kicked out of the company, but when Trudy sees Borden for who he really is Dennis and Sarah get the company. Nick & Sarah get back together.
    • A Matter of Trust
      A Matter of Trust
      Episode 16
      Shortly before they break up, Dennis finds out that Sarah & Nick are dating. Bordon is brought on by the board to save the company due to Trudy's lawsuit. Trudy says she will settle her lawsuit if Sarah and Dennis are fired.
    • With Friends Like These...
      Dennis & Nick are pitted against each other over Nelson's death, Nick & Sarah, And the lawsuit against Muse Prime.
    • Valentine's Bay
      Valentine's Bay
      Episode 14
      Dennis dumps Trudy and she decides to sue Muse Prime. Nelson dies in what appears to be an accident at the Muse Prime condos. Passion grows between Nick & Sarah when he coems to her rescue from a corrupt councilman who has been hassling her.
    • Strange Days
      Strange Days
      Episode 13
      Dennis decides he is going to support Sarah in her trying to control Muse Prime. Nick accepts a job from Sarah. Amy convinces Jennifer to move in with her. Dennis starts a relationship with Trudy.
    • The Takeover
      The Takeover
      Episode 12
      Dennis is suspected when technology is leaked to a competitor, but Sarah may be the real culprit.
    • Truth or Consequences
      Jennifer and Dennis get in a huge fight. After Brian scares her, Nick & Amy sleep together. Dennis is accused of leaking secrets of the company.
    • Young And On Fire
      Young And On Fire
      Episode 10
      Dennis is shocked when Sarah Hicks, daughter of the VP, is named president of operations at Muse Prime.
    • The Rope
      The Rope
      Episode 9
      Dennis is upset when he donates money to his old school for a gym, and the school decides to name the gym after his old hated gym teacher. Trudy hates her job.

    • House Guests and Fish
      Jennifer becomes home-sick for the city as she think's Dennis only wants her as a trophy girlfriend and does not love her.

      Nelson tries to get Dennis to fire Trudy after she charms Marcus into hiring her.
    • Save the Last Dance for Me
      The high-school alumni reunion dance takes place in this episode.
      Jenifer refuses to go with Dennis to the dance. Brain asks Amy to go, but she isn't sure if she wants to go public with him yest.
      Trudy causes more trouble with Dennis when she relives her glory days of high school on his arm.moreless
    • Some Common Words and Phrases
      Nick finds himself attracted to one of Dennis' programmers.
      Amy starts becoming more serious with Brian.
      Dennis and Jennifer finally move in together.
    • Temptation and Responsibility
      When on a business trip Jennifer is tempted by an ex and Dennis rejects Trudy's advances at him.
      Nick gets a job, but his boss is his fathers enemy.
      When Amy is out on a date, she is seen by Nick.
    • Family Business
      Family Business
      Episode 4
      Dennis is under pressure to get the first piece of software from his plant out on time. He is also under pressure from Borden to have the cost of the cantine he plans on building for his staff to be brought down. Borden knows that Dennis hired his father to do the work, and wants it done for less money. Marcus is introduced in this episode. He is a skilled programmer that comes from a troubled past.moreless
    • Static
      Episode 3

      Trudy asks Dennis's advice about buying a personal computer. He gives her some basic advice and she buys one. He gives her his email address to help explain how that works. Jennifer walks in and is a little jealous.

      Nick tries to convince his father to buy the land surrounding and including the old drive-in to develop it. Frank refuses saying it's a bad time, and they don't have enough money to make this work right then. Nick is frustrated because he feels this is an opportunity that is going to pass them by if they don't act on it quickly.

      Dennis is looking for a house to by. As Amy shows him a house, she warns him about the OMB (Okay By Me) syndrome. She tells him that co-habitating in a hotel room is not the same as living together in a home.

      Trudy buys a computer and tries to convince Nelson that it'll be a useful tool in their home. He's not convinced.

      Nick decides to act on the development on his own. He sells his boat to get the money to buy the land. He spends some time at the house with Amy while he works up plans, but when she tries to get him to tell her if they still have a chance, he brings up the fact that she is the one who had an affair.

      Dennis is taking a 2nd grade class on a tour of the Muse Prime facility. An email from Trudy comes in and all the kids want to know who that is. When things calm down, Dennis answers Trudy's email. They start up an online relationship sending emails back and forth and even chat in the wee hours of the morning. Dennis tells Nick that it's completely innocent when Nick questions him about it. Nick tries to warn Dennis that it's the "innocent" stuff that can eventually cause trouble, but Dennis doesn't buy it because he's enjoying this too much.

      Nick convinces the bank to finance the new development. He is very happy as he catches up with Amy when she's showing a house to Jennifer. Unfortunately, someone beat Nick to it and paid $100,000 over the asking price for the land.

      Nelson takes back Trudy's computer. She later tells Dennis that they couldn't afford it right then. She also tells Dennis that the only reason she wanted it was to get to know him.

      Nick and Dennis have a chat in the bar. Dennis challenges Nick to do more push-ups than he can. Nick says, "No contest," but Dennis counters with, "It used to be no contest..." as he slaps a $5.00 bill down on the bar. Nick rises to teh challenge and also puts up $5.00. The show ends with everyone in the bar, including Nelson and Trudy, cheering them on as they both do push-ups on the floor of the bar. Jennifer walks in and is amused to see this scene until she spots Trudy.moreless

    • The Cookie Crumbles
      As Trudy attempts to bake her way into Dennis's heart, he arranges an anniversary party for Nick and Amy that turns out to be disastrous.
    • (pilot)
      Episode 1
      The homecoming of computer exec Dennis Sweeney ignites envy in his brother when their father alters a family ritual to accommodate his more successful son.
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