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Season 1 Episode 4

Battle at Vekara

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Mar 16, 1996 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Battle at Vekara
After escaping the Triad, Kulai and the Hypernauts visit the trading planet Vekara to repair and upgrade their ship and warn the Vekarans of the Triad threat. Meanwhile, Paiyin and the Triad learn of the crew's whereabouts.

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      • Kulai: Weapons are the weakest defense of all.

      • Kulai: The Triad is real. Their armada covers entire quadrants. Now you know how advanced our technology was and even we couldn't outfight the millions of their war machines.
        Zadir: I heard rumors of some disaster on Payris. I was wondering, when do you think you might resume normal trade?
        Kulai: Zadir, our world has been destroyed like thousands before it. And they will destroy you.
        Zadir: Really? I think you must be exaggerating.
        Kulai: Exaggerating? Let me see if I can explain. First they send in waves of hauler ships, each of which holds hundreds of thousands of war robots, their hunters. Once they've destroyed everything on the planet's surface, they move in with enormous factory ships called Makers. These tear apart the planet for raw materials until there is nothing left but orbiting rubble.

      • Ace: We've got to get this ship some firepower!
        Max: Is that your answer for everything? Firepower?
        Ace: Look, I'm sick of running away every time a Triad robot shows it's ugly face.
        Sharkey: Right now, we can't even run away. The last jump fried all the generator relays and we can't repair 'em out here. Wherever here is.
        Kulai: We're in the Bellarius system. We'll make for Vekara. It's the largest trade planet in this system. There, we can repair the ship and outfit it with weapons. And we must warn the Vekarans that the Triad is in this sector.

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