I Am Jazz

TLC Premiered Jul 15, 2015 In Season


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With another Nightline interview on the horizon, Jeanette implores Jazz to not reveal too many details about the nature of her surgical complications, as Jeanette is worried that it may scare other trans kids and their parents if they don't hear the whole story in context. Jazz agrees, but when JuJu Chang shows up and starts the interview, Jazz reveals more about what happened than Jeanette would like. Jeanette discusses it with Jazz, but Jazz thinks that being fully transparent about it will help her advocacy in spreading her message to trans kids. Jazz joins Noelle and JoJo for some clothes shopping, and Jazz brings up her forthcoming trip to New York where she'll be doing a photo shoot for a bra company that asked her to design a bra. After Noelle and JoJo give her a little good-natured ribbing about how Jazz doesn't even wear bras, the subject turns to Ahmir, and Jazz mentions he'll be joining Jazz and Jeanette in NYC where they'll be doing the photoshoot as well as going to an appointment with Dr. Ting, since Philadelphia is a quick bus ride away. Noelle and JoJo ask about the situation with Ahmir's mom not approving of her son dating a trans girl, and then advise Jazz they think she should try talking to Ahmir's mom. Once in New York, Jeanette and Jazz head right to the bus station to pick up Ahmir. The young couple is very happy to see one another, and soon everyone goes to Jazz's bra photoshoot. Jazz gets into hair and makeup, and finally gets the see the bra she designed. Jazz is extremely happy to be part of the campaign, because it means she will not only reach trans kids, but all girls in general, and thinks it will help improve her advocacy goals. The shoot goes very well, and soon, Jazz gets right to showing Ahmir around one of her favorite cities. They stop for a chat near the flatiron building, and when Jazz asks Ahmir what he thinks of the city, he gets very negative about how much he dislikes the city. The topic comes around to Ahmir's mom, and Jazz asks him how things are. Ahmir says nothing has changed, she still disapproves of the relationship, and doesn't like talking about it. Jazz wants to see if they can change her mind, so makes Ahmir promise he'll ask his mom to meet with her. The next day, Jazz, Jeanette and Ahmir head to Dr. Ting's office for Jazz's cortisone shot. Dr. Ting once again marvels at how well Jazz has healed since he last saw her, and after the shot, thinks she won't have to see him for at least 6 months. Jazz and Jeanette are extremely pleased, and Ting explains that Jazz is cleared for all physical activity. Jazz, to Jeanette's parental horror, asks Ting if that includes sexual activity. Ting tells Jazz she'll have to wait another six months, and Jeanette breathes a sigh of relief. Outside, while Jazz, Jeanette, and Ahmir celebrate, Ahmir asks for details on what exactly her procedure entailed. After Jazz explains, Ahmir is freaked out, saying he never expected to have this kind of discussion with a girlfriend. Ahmir mentions that he spoke with his mom, who said she'd talk to Jazz on the phone, and Jeanette demands she be there. Jeanette goes a lunch date with a group of mothers of trans girls to talk about the fallout from Jazz's Nightline interview and all the details that Jazz revealed. The moms are sympathetic to Jeanette's fears, but explain that parents like them want to hear all of the details, good and bad, and need them to make the best decisions for their kids. Jeanette realizes that they are right, and asks how she can get the message out about Jazz's complications in a forum that she has control over, and the women suggest a Facebook live event. Meanwhile, Jazz meets with some of the mom's daughters, who also have tons of questions about her surgery and how she got through it. Jazz answers their questions and lets them know that the most important thing is to always keep a positive attitude. She went through hell, but in the end it all worked out.moreless
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