I am Not an Animal

BBC Two (ended 2004)


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  • Superb. What all comedy should be like.

    A great British comedy show. Scripted by Peter Baynham who has worked on shows such as I'm Alan Partridge, and Brass Eye, this show also pushes at the boundaries of taste. Because it was animated, Baynham was able to show things such as a rat prostituting itself, or a monkey masturbating over the Queen's image on a five pound note. The Medium also allowed for some completely original storylines, as the characters struggle to survive in the real world.

    The cast is exceptional, and it's hard to think of another comedy in the past few years that has managed to bring together such a strong ensemble. The actors actually workshopped their characters beforehand and improvised a lot of the lines, so the relationships between them all are beautifully written and each have their own characteristics and idiosyncracies that develop as the series progressess.

    One begins to love every single one of them, even down to the one joke character Niles - who never actually grows tiresome. The last episode is a joy to behold, as *Spoiler* each character is confronted with an improved version of themselves, possessing the one thing that they've always wanted but cannot have *Spoiler*. Because of this, the series actually achieved a kind of profundity, and was often tragic, as the characters failed to realise that they would never fit in with the world.

    It does not seem like there will be a second series, and I'm glad. These 6 episodes stand up as some of the most finely written, acted, and directed half-hours in British comedy to date.