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I am Weasel

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I Am Weasel follows the miss-adventures of Weasel, a genius who succeeds in everything he does, and his sometimes partner, sometimes enemy, I.R. Baboon. Clearly not as smart as Weasel, using a unique speech pattern, Baboon is the loser on the show, rarely, if ever, succeeding in anything. The show wouldn't be complete without the Red Guy, who has joined the cast in the second season, and who originally was on the Cow and Chicken show. I Am Weasel was originally only the middle segment on the Cow and Chicken show, both created by David Fiess. Soon enough, Weasel received his own show, and lasted for five seasons. Using a clever combination of slapstick humor and irony at the same time, making the show appealing to adults and young children.
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  • Want to remember more

    Few ep (03)
  • Worst cartoon in the 2000`s ever

    I really hated watching this show. None of the characters are decent except for Weasel. I`m glad he is not a stereotype weasel. The rest of the characters are forgetable. Baboon, I cant belive how dumb he is, and I heard that those monkeys are actually pretty smart. Someone should arrest him for public nudity. The demon really troubles me. I am very loyal to the church and to put a devil in the show really bothered me. Plus, they also go overboard with showing his butt. (As if we needed more than one character who walks around nude) I dont know why this show has an 8. It really needs a score of at least 0.1.moreless
  • Good show


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    IM Weasel was good. It lasted for 2 years and had 2 seasons and 26 episodes. Each episode had 3 short 7 minute stories.

    Season summary:

    Season 1: (1996 - 1997, 10 episodes) Good. 6/10

    Season 2: (1997 - 2000, 16 episodes) Good. 8/10


    Eerything is good.

    Yea rsummary:

    1996: The beginning. 5/10

    1997: Season 1 ends and Season 2 starts. 7/10

    1998: Part of season 2. 9/10

    1999: The near end. 9/10

    2000: The last of the show. 9/10

    verall, good.moreless
  • Love That Weasel.

    I first watched this show 15 ago, but I wasn't crazy about it until 2011. Actually, the last time I've watched it was 1999, until my folks moved to another town in Texas. Now in Louisiana, when I've watched it on Boomerang, I fell in love with him. He's totally handsome, his voice moves me, he's very smart, and the best part, he has extreme passions toward women. As of now, I hate this generation. Cartoon Network Online ticked me off. They've done away with that show. I wish I created the show or bought rights to it. If I did buy rights to this show, I would give it more action, comedy, romance, drama, adventure, and musical, I'd cut back with the butt shots. I'd give the Red Guy the ax and replace him with a decent villain, and importantly, I'd allow Weasel to stick with one girlfriend. Unfortunately, that may never happen (Heck I wish it did).moreless
  • bad cartoon

    Just like cow and chicken, this show is also boring and funny. Plus baboon is an unlikeable character. He doesn't do anything other than screw things up for weasel who is the only goood character. Also, when he makes mistakes he doesn't try to fix them, HE JUST MAKES IT WORSE. Baboon is dumb for the sake of being dumb and that's not how it's done. This is another show that made cartoon cartoon fridays bad. I guess David Fiess was to lazy to put any efffort into this show.moreless

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