I am Weasel

Season 1 Episode 3

Deep Sea Tour

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jul 29, 1997 on Cartoon Network

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  • It's trouble on the bottom of the seas when Baboon's bathysphere crash lands and it's up to Weasel to save him and the kids trapped there.

    The episode brings us yet another new characters for both Weasel and Baboon. This time around, Baboon is the proud owner of a bathysphere, and has his own "deep sea tour" business. Arguably one of Baboon's most successful roles during the entire series' run.

    The story begins when a group of children decide to take Baboon's deep sea tour. Baboon decides, and takes them aboard. The funniest gag in this episode can be found right here, when Baboon is driving the bathysphere. One of the girls from the group that has boarded his bathysphere has a beard. What is her explanation to this? Well, her mother was a woman, while her dad was a man! Hilarious. Simply hilarious

    Unfortunately, the cable that holds the bathysphere breaks, and Baboon, alongside the kids are sunken and crash land on the bottom of the sea. A bit shocking this tragic turn of events, but it does serve as a major plot point in this episode, so it's welcomed. But, where is Weasel while all this happens? Well, he has just found a sunken treasure in the seas and given it as charity to a poor beggar, and then seeing the bubbles formed at the top of the sea by the bathysphere's crash notices that only one thing on Earth could make those kind of bubbles: a bathysphere with children inside crashing! This is the most logical conclusion anyone can find, after all.

    Weasel then visits his friend, unnamed here but a pretty good caricature of famous French naval officer, explorer, ecologist, filmmaker, scientist, photographer, author and researcher Jacques-Yves Cousteau! Weasel then dives into the sea and swims over to Baboon's bathysphere.

    They all arrive into an undersea cave, where they find various species of multicolored fish. Intriguing. Hearing the children's pleas for food, Weasel mentions that these fish are actually ice cream. Various flavors, including vanilla and strawberry, of course. Baboon is depressed, as he knows Weasel is there to take back his license for operating a bathysphere. Weasel however only advices him to turn it into the proper authorities once they get back to the surface.

    Once back to the surface, they all find themselves in Mexico! There, they have a fiesta, while Baboon is asked by the police to give his license and registration. But he can't find them because they are stuck to his butt. A decent episode, with some funny scenes and some other interesting concepts, but still could have done a lot better.