I am Weasel

Season 1 Episode 10

Happy Baboon Holidays

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 23, 1997 on Cartoon Network

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  • The meaning of Christmas is explained in this special episode, in the usual Weasel and Baboon style.

    This is the first Christmas special episode, and the better one. At the beginning of the episode we find Baboon living alone in his trailer, not really celebrating Christmas in any way. All this changes when his family decides to drop by to visit him. Also this is the first time we get to see Baboon's family, which is a really nice change to the pace of the episodes so far.

    Baboon realizes he forgot all about Christmas, and has to find at least some decorations for his trailer so that his parents would be happy and proud of him. He lets his family stay outside the trailer's door, while he sneaks out the window to go buy decorations and a Christmas tree. But, it is winter after all, and it's cold outside. His family literally freezes, standing in front of the trailer.

    Weasel happens to walk by there, and notices the frozen baboons. He first mistakes them for ice statues, but soon discovers they are still alive, so he takes them home to take care of them. Once defrosted, the baboons keep living with Weasel, in his home.

    Meanwhile, Baboon comes back to his trailer, with an enormous tree, and tries to get it inside. Soon after, he notices his family is now living with Weasel, and is infuriated by this. He snaps and starts destroying all the decorations he just bought, and starts planting land mines to take care of Santa Claus! Once the destruction stops, Baboon feels alone once again and starts crying. He pretty much sums up all the episodes so far saying that Weasel always gets what he doesn't deserves, and now he took his family!

    Weasel notices the destructed trailer, and notices that Baboon is still living there. He decides to give something to him, and dresses up as Santa Claus, and gives him a gift: his family! Baboon starts having a quiet dinner with his family. Weasel looks from at the window and is happy to see them all together again.

    Suddenly, an explosion is heard, and the real Santa Claus falls from the sky and lands next to Weasel. One hilarious scene! But that's not all; apparently Baboon wasn't the only one who planted land mines that night. According to Santa Claus, that was the seventh time that night is happened! Hilarious. Simply hilarious.

    A nice, touching scene is that even Santa Claus starts doubting his job, and starts wondering if it's all really worth it. Weasel shows him Christmas is really worth it, by showing him how happy Baboon is together with his family.

    Over all, the best episode so far. A nice touching, hilarious episode.
  • First ever christmas speacil

    This is a series classic because it is a speacil episode the first ever christmas speacil by I am weasel and also one of the funniest Baboons family mum, dad and sister come round to vist baboon for christmas baboon goes of to get a tree and takes so long that they freeze then weasel finds them and takes them in baboon sets traps ect... for santa then weasel gives baboon a present his family then at the end santa comes in and is blowen up by a mine lol and a funny thing he says is this is the seventh time this has happend to me this night but weasel convines him it's worth it when he shows him baboon and his family!
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