I am Weasel

Season 2 Episode 3

I Am Crybaby

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 27, 1998 on Cartoon Network

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  • Crybabies are more important than we think...

    In this episode Weasel is trying to cure the men and women who are suffering from a "crybaby syndrome". He takes them aboard his ship, and travels on the Ocean to find the exact spot where the syndrome would be cured.

    Weasel dives into the Ocean where he finds Baboon living on the bottom of the Ocean, having his own sea horse farm! Weasel brings Baboon up to his ship, where he locks him in a depressurization room. There, two Red Guys appear as hallucinations and make Baboon believe he has to save all the patients on the ship from Weasel.

    Baboon takes all of the patients with him on a small island he found and decides to live there with them. Weasel cannot convince them to leave, but he notices that at least they have been curred. Back home, Weasel discovers that the people who had the crybaby syndrome were responsible for filling the ecosystem with water and now that all have been cured, there is no more water!

    So Weasel decides to implant the crybaby syndrome virus on himself, so that the Earth will have water once again. Too much water, actually, as the entire Earth drowns in Weasel's tears!
  • I agree with the review bellow silly, disturbing but funny! what I don't agree with is giving it a low score I give it 10/10

    This episode is quite disturbing to em because I hate to see grown men cry and they can't stop in thsi episode and weasel trys to cure them and does eventually but then baboon steals them of him I can't really rember this epsiode but weasel I can't rember why makes himself get the disease to cry he does mean it he dosen't do it by accident then he says his famous catch phrase I am Weasel but it is gurgled out by his tears which flood the whole earth and kill everybody lol then red guy says something at the end damn i can't rember lol
  • Weasel moves the Chronic Crying Syndrome sufferers to an island in the ocean where he finds Baboon living and he gives Weasel a vacation. Weasel then finds without the chronic cryers, there is no tear water, and so he infects himself, and everyone drowns.

    The parts I liked were the way Weasel said, "For I am Weasel!" when crying, but I thought that the ending was horrible. I thought it was completely ridiculous how Baboon could live underwater. The scene with Baboon's angel and devil was funny, especially when the devil told the audience, "Don't blame us, it's his foamy brain!" I liked to see Weasel fail at least once, although the ending is strange. The part where Weasel sticks his face in his nose to infect himself and mumbles, "Those yoga classes have really payed off" is ridiculous, utter nonsense. I thought that tear residue thing looked gross and his tear duct looked strangely familiar. If you like silliness, this is the show for you!