I am Weasel

Season 3 Episode 7

I Am Vampire

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 09, 1998 on Cartoon Network

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  • Weasel and Baboon are friendly vampires, while the Red Guy is out to hunt them down!

    This episode takes place in the village of Pantsylvania, a parody of both Transylvania and Pennsylvania. Weasel and Baboon are two friendly neighborhood vampires, always ready to help their fellow humans in any way they can.

    Their mission this episode is to find dates for three shy farmers, who were dancing with their livestock because they were too shy to ask real women to dance with them. Weasel and Baboon agree to help them by getting them dates. Once they leave, the Red Guy appears, this time as one of the fiercest vampire hunters in the world. He convinces the farmers that the only good vampire is a dead vampire and tells them that when he'll get his hands on the vampires he'll drive steaks through their hearts (T-Bone steaks, that is)

    Weasel and Baboon return with dates for the farmers. They all start dancing; the farmers and Weasel with girls, while Baboon dances with a goat! One of the funniest scenes this episode has to offer. The girl Weasel was dancing with is however the Red Guy, the vampire hunter. He threatens to drive the T-Bone steaks through their hearts, but Weasel bites him on the butt and makes him a vampire too.

    In the end, all three of them are now vampires, and Baboon comments about how stupid the Red Guy is, as he cannot turn into the right kind of bat (he keeps turning into a baseball bat). Once he says this, Baboon flies into a mirror, as he forgot vampires don't have a reflection. So, they're both on the same level of intelligence, pretty much.