I am Weasel

Season 2 Episode 11

I.R. in Wrong Cartoon

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 24, 1998 on Cartoon Network

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  • As Cow from (Cow and Chicken) daydreams about Weasel, the Red Guy gives her a very good idea...

    This is the first time Cow's fandom (or even obsession, one might say) for Weasel is addressed. She watches the show all the time, but never stopped to wonder if Weasel is real. The Red Guy, their bare skinned rug, tells her Weasel is as real as they are. So he tells her how she can get Weasel all to herself.

    On TV, Weasel is seen sitting on Loulabelle's lap. Suddenly, a pie hangs over his head. He bites on the pie, and he is pulled out of the TV by Cow. She has used her own cow pies as bait to get Weasel out of the TV and keep him at her home. Interestingly enough, this episode also reveals one of Weasel's weaknesses, pies!

    Back in the TV world, Baboon finds himself all alone and lonely. At first he's happy to have his own show, but soon he discovers how hard it is and wants Weasel back. Weasel feels for him, and asks Cow to send him back in the TV. Only problem now is that he has gotten too fat from eating all those pies to fit in the TV again!

    In the end, Baboon comes over in the "real" world too, and together with Weasel and Cow watch TV quietly. And what are they watching? The Red Guy's own show, of course. A hilarious line by Weasel towards the end would be his comment about the Red Guy not wearing any pants, and that it's just disgusting, the stuff they show on TV these days.
  • A cross over between I am weasel and cow and chicken

    I said I would review this and I am anyway I think this is a series classic because you don't get many cross overs between cartoons this is the 2nd cross over for I am weasel there first was one of my favourite episodes I am a life time now this cow uses pies to get weasel to come to cow and chickens world when red guy the rug lol tells her to she gets him by using pies as bait and fishing weasel out the tv then weasel has to go back as baboon is worried and looking for him but hes to fat after eating all those pies lol!