I am Weasel

Season 1 Episode 2

I.R. on Sun

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jul 29, 1997 on Cartoon Network

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  • Will Baboon become the first baboon on the Sun? Will Weasel forget all Baboon has ever done to him and still try to save him? Find out all the answers and more in my review!

    This episode brings us Weasel and Baboon in the guise of astronauts, working at NASA. Weasel is (of course) the hero astronaut, the first Weasel ever to land on various planets. Baboon is once again the jealous astronaut who wants to be first somewhere.

    The story picks up when some NASA scientists try to convince Weasel of accepting the challenge of becoming the first Weasel on the Sun. Weasel disagrees, as a mission to the Sun would be impossible, as well as deadly. He storms out of the building, and passes by Baboon. The scientists then try to make Baboon agree to go on the mission, telling him that Weasel refused because he was too afraid. Baboon promptly agrees, even though Weasel tries to tell him a mission to the Sun would kill him.

    Next follows a series of tests the NASA scientists perform on Baboon to get him ready for his mission. Ironically enough, Baboon is smart enough in this episode to figure out something isn't alright with a mission to the Sun... but why is he so concerned? Because he has sensitive skin, of course. The NASA scientists convince him the mission is safe, because it will take place at night!

    Meanwhile, Weasel ponders if he should go back and rescue Baboon. This is the first time we are given any kind of backstory to their characters; both Weasel and Baboon were cadets at NASA. While Weasel was the bright one, Baboon was the one who pulled all kinds of tricks on Weasel. Now, by not saying or doing anything, Weasel would get rid of Baboon forever! But, it is a sin to think like that. So Weasel decides to go back and save Baboon before it's too late.

    Baboon's rocket has already launched, but Weasel follows him in his own personal rocket, and catches up to him. He jumps out of his rocket and grabs Baboon, and they both fall back to Earth. Both their rockets crash land on the Sun, where we get to see that, even if Baboon's mission would have been a success, he still wouldn't have been the first Baboon on the Sun! The Sun is populated by other (non-anthropomorphic) Baboons, who got there in their own rockets, belonging to various countries. What a twist!

    Back on Earth, Baboon is jailed for being a "rogue astronaut" (one thing I will never understand; his mission was an official one from NASA, right?) and Weasel is once again a hero and receives a parade in his honor.

    Before finishing this review, I must say this: missions to the Sun, even if they take place at night, are still bad for you. Do not try this at home.

    Over all a really good episode, one of the better ones from the first season.