I am Weasel

Season 2 Episode 4

I.R.'s Phantom Foot

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 03, 1998 on Cartoon Network

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  • Good episode.

    Baboon feels as if his leg is broken, yet Weasel's diagnosis is that both his feet are intact. This can only mean one thing: Baboon has broken his phantom foot! But what exactly is a phantom foot, you ask? Well, apparently we are all born with phantom limbs. Thanks to one of Weasel's inventions, we get to see Baboon's broken phantom foot, as well as his phantom... butt. Yes, Baboon apparently has two butts.

    The Red Guy has a large number of roles in this episode. From the doctor who convinces Baboon to sue Weasel (he did broke his phantom foot on Weasel's property, after all) to the lawyer helping Baboon on his case.

    Not only that, but Weasel also unveils the true culprit of everything that has happened: the Red Guy! He was the one who originally dug the phantom hole in which Baboon broke his phantom foot.

    A silly episode, but an enjoyable one.