I am Weasel

Season 2 Episode 13

I.R. Wild Baboon

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 07, 1998 on Cartoon Network

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  • Great episode; some solid character development there, but does it really matter, if it's only a dream?...

    This episode brings us Weasel in the guise of a famous researcher and explorer, on the trail of the last "trailer baboon", I.R.Baboon. He plans on learning more about these creatures and track its migratory trail. Also, find out why exactly they migrate so often, and in so many random directions.

    Weasel meets Baboon on various occasion during the episode, each time trying to infiltrate his trailer to learn more about him. Each and every time, however, Baboon finds him, throws him away and then leaves and takes his trailer with him. Weasel mentions that he has tries avoiding direct contact with the Baboon, until Baboon migrates into human territory. Then, he is forced to confront him, weasel to baboon. That is when Weasel finds out the reason why Baboon has been migrating all during the episode: he was only trying to get away from Weasel!

    Feeling sorry for all the trouble he has caused, Weasel finds Baboon a safe heaven at the bottom of a waterfall. He is to travel there in a barrel. But, Weasel has not noticed the sign next to him that forbids the throwing of baboons in barrels in the waterfall! So he is arrested, and now, after several years he is telling the story to a news journalist (the Red Guy), hoping that now the world will know his story. Unfortunately for him, the Red Guy has been sleeping this whole time, and has not recorded anything from his story! Weasel is taken back to solitary...

    And then, suddenly Cow wakes up, saying that she's had a horrible dream! A corny ending, but with a twist this time. She goes in her parents' room, to ask them if she can sleep with them that night. She discovers the Red Guy in bed with her parents, saying that apparently all of them had Weasel dreams that night! A funny, entertaining episode.