I am Weasel

Season 1 Episode 12

Law of Gravity

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 09, 1997 on Cartoon Network

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  • The Law of Gravity is destroyed by Baboon in this episode.

    In this episode, Weasel is a lawyer, while Baboon is a bailiff. Happy that the pretty female judge told him he's the best bailiff she's ever seen, Baboon starts dancing on the roof of the room. When Weasel tells him he's breaking the Law of Gravity, Baboon falls on his head and decides to destroy the Law of Gravity (he just needs to burn the piece of paper the Law was written on, that's all) to make him look good again in the eyes of the pretty judge.

    Now that the Law of Gravity is destroyed, all the lawyers around the world start floating on the skies. Why only lawyers? Because they're the only ones who understand the Law, of course.

    What follows is a funny series of scenes in which Weasel re-writes the Law of Gravity and Baboon crosses out the word "lawyers" and replaces it with various other words, including "fridges" and "hippos".

    Weasel manages to trick Baboon into becoming a lawyer, so that he'll become affected by the new law too, and start floating on the sky too. Then he manages to write a new Law of Gravity, bringing all the lawyers back on Earth. However, he has miscalculated the Earth's gravitational pull, and all the lawyers are now squished when they get back on the ground.

    Over all, a good episode, with some memorable scenes and quotes.
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