I am Weasel

Season 1 Episode 7

Ping Pong at Sea

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Aug 26, 1997 on Cartoon Network

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  • Weasel and Baboon playing ping-pong at sea.

    This episode reveals the fact that Baboon is an avid ping-pong watcher and fan. We find him in the middle of the desert watching a ping-pong at sea championship on TV. He is however angry seeing the quality of the players. He boasts that he could beat all of the players there with one hand ties behind his back. He gets a chance to prove this when one of the players is injured and a replacement is needed. Baboon travels through his TV set, arriving on the ship where the tournament was being held through the TV camera that was filming the games. But, Weasel is already aboard the ship and ready to play in the championship.

    Baboon tricks the other player into leaving with a plane to Fiji, and decides to play against Weasel himself. Their game has some hilarious moments, like for example Baboon using two pallets to play against Weasel, and accidentally signaling to an airplane it can land on top of him!

    A time-out is called, and Baboon tries to figure out a new strategy to defeat Weasel. He reads in a dictionary that weasels suck eggs. So, he decides to use an egg instead of the regular ping-pong ball, to make Weasel forfeit the game. His plan backfires, because as Weasel explains, his human nature makes him not suck eggs like his parents did. Baboon is thrown in the dungeon for cheating, and Weasel wins the championship!

    A great episode, one of the most well-known episodes from the entire series.
  • A funny episode!

    In this episode we see Baboon and Weasel play ing pong against it other it is really funny and exciting to watch them play Baboon some how crawls through his very small tv and comes out the camera which is very random and weird but funny and exciting to watch and cool cos it's different to most shows this also happens when weasel and cow cross over in IR in wrong cartoon which is another episode I will review back to this episode those it is very funny exciting and full of action three words to sum it up got to watch it ok mabye 4 lol
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