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  • Disgusting

    This show is Gross its like a Ren and stimpy copy but more gross I hate always seeing that monkeys red ass. YUCK!
  • Yuck!

    This show is so nasty, so freakin' nasty that the style is so yucky.

    A show about a farting weasel and an angry babboon! Who knew? It's like CatDog!
  • Want to remember more

    Few ep (03)
  • Worst cartoon in the 2000`s ever

    I really hated watching this show. None of the characters are decent except for Weasel. I`m glad he is not a stereotype weasel. The rest of the characters are forgetable. Baboon, I cant belive how dumb he is, and I heard that those monkeys are actually pretty smart. Someone should arrest him for public nudity. The demon really troubles me. I am very loyal to the church and to put a devil in the show really bothered me. Plus, they also go overboard with showing his butt. (As if we needed more than one character who walks around nude) I dont know why this show has an 8. It really needs a score of at least 0.1.
  • Good show


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    IM Weasel was good. It lasted for 2 years and had 2 seasons and 26 episodes. Each episode had 3 short 7 minute stories.

    Season summary:

    Season 1: (1996 - 1997, 10 episodes) Good. 6/10

    Season 2: (1997 - 2000, 16 episodes) Good. 8/10


    Eerything is good.

    Yea rsummary:

    1996: The beginning. 5/10

    1997: Season 1 ends and Season 2 starts. 7/10

    1998: Part of season 2. 9/10

    1999: The near end. 9/10

    2000: The last of the show. 9/10

    verall, good.
  • bad cartoon

    Just like cow and chicken, this show is also boring and funny. Plus baboon is an unlikeable character. He doesn't do anything other than screw things up for weasel who is the only goood character. Also, when he makes mistakes he doesn't try to fix them, HE JUST MAKES IT WORSE. Baboon is dumb for the sake of being dumb and that's not how it's done. This is another show that made cartoon cartoon fridays bad. I guess David Fiess was to lazy to put any efffort into this show.
  • I hated this show.

    Done by the same people who did Cow and Chicken, I counted the days.... for its cancelation. I hated this show almost as much as I hated Cow and Chicken. It annoyed and disgusted me to death. I was so thankful to see it gone. Baboon was so disgusting and annoying I feel like vomiting just thinking about it right now, and it also had the red guy, who I've never liked... I just hated everything about it.
  • Yuck

    Well, well. Another train wreck by a representative of perversion and retardation, David Feiss. My thoughts concerning his work are best described at the Cow And Chicken section. Why did I write fanfics on either show? Why did I make up my own characters for them? Why did I watch this garbage? Too many butt shots, awful drawings, awful voice acting...awful everything! I would rate both shows lowever if that dumb scale would just let me.

    Criminy, I can't express myself well enough. I don't have enough things to say to convey the horror that is David Feiss in general.
  • This is my fave CN show and it must be brought back.

    I am weasel is about a weasel with an i.q. of 256 and a babbon with an i.q. of less than an eggplant which are sidekicks on cool fun adventures.This is definetly a personal favorate of mine and i enjoyed watching it in the early 2000s and i still enjoy watching it today.
  • Classic 90's cartoon.

    I am Weasel is a very good show. It is a classic 90's cartoon, where almost everything was possible and could be shown. The 90's cartoons were good because there was not so much censorship involved. A silly show, that gives the viewers a lot of laughs and pleasure. Seeing Baboon so stupid makes us feel good about ourselves. Weasel is intelligent and Baboon always tries to be better than him. I watched this when I was little and I must say that I still watch it from time to time, it is really good to watch some good, old classic Cartoon Network cartoons instead of those awful new ones (Robot Boy, Gym Monkey or something).
  • Very funny a pleasure to watch

    It is a very funny cartoon and a pleasure to watch as I said in the summary I don't know why I didn't review it before I used to watch this when it was on cartoon network along with cow and chicken, johnny bravo, ed edd n eddy, power puff girls, dextars lab, mike lu and og, courage the cowardly dog basically all cartoon cartoons and dragonball Z
    anyway I love I am Weasel and it shouldn't have ended it's a classic and one of the best cartoon cartoons of all time I wish it never had ended but all good things must come to a end
  • Weasel + Baboon [[+RED GUY]] = I Am Weasel

    I Am Weasel goes over a Weasel And A Baboon ...

    Weasel :

    He is SMART
    He have much TRUST from the PEOPLE
    He want always help people
    He has most of time luck
    He is a prof in science
    He can be a sciencist ;
    He can be a doctor ;
    He can be a Bio-Sciencist ;
    He can be a Advocaat ;
    He can be a Architect ;
    He can be a Christmis man ;
    He can be a ...


    He is not so smart
    He has most of time unluck
    He do what muck monkeys do
    He want to be better than weasel

    I AM WEASEL is GREAT !!!!!!!
  • Airing w/ Cow & Chicken on boomerang

    I am Weasle is about this show about this rodent being loved about w/ everyone & the baboom plans to steel his popurality

    well it better than Cow & Chicken but w/ a better storylinebelieve me & you'll see the Red Guy from that same show

    this showI recimend for anyone because of the animation but don't watch the movies that 2 of the episodes are in.
  • Alot of memories watching I am Weasel

    This show is a Classic Cartoonnetwork it came on in 1997 and ended 2 years later in 1999 but at the sametime even though some parts were dumb I must say I would not mind going back in the time to watch Cartoonnetwork when it was fun to watch and this is when they had shows that were fun to watch I remeber in the summer time staying up later watching this on Fridays or anyother day of the week but then in about 2002 or even befour that Cartoonnetwork started taking all of their classic shows of their schedule now it is very rare I see a new show that I think to myself in about 2 years it will be a classic I rate I am Weasel a 8.5
  • This was a great show.

    This show was great and I just can't get the fact that it was cancelled this show I used to enjoy it because it was from the same creators of Cow and Chicken and in several episodes they encountered. This show was one of the best in Cartoon Network in the past and I would like if it could be revived one day but the chances are low, but it deserves it for being a great show in history. I think that the action and the character development was great and it deserves all it's respect and creative work for making such great shows in which includes this one.
  • This show isn't as good as Cow & Chicken in my opinion.

    This show is like Cow & Chicken but the main problem with the show is that it is very silly at times and seems too unrealistic. The weasel character was supposed to be viewed as very intelligent etc., seemed annoying to me as he would always suck up the glory it seemed as though Baboon never got anything; not even if he tried. the show sends a message for example that people are perfect which is not true. You can get the wrong message from this show. The show was pretty funny, but the random I.R Baboon goofs didn't support the lack of direction the cartoon had.
  • (At least) One episode every day = fun!

    I Am Weasel is a great character: he's smart, strong (in some episodes), good-looking (or so he says) and a winner. He has managed to become a world famous scientist, doctor, dentist, hair-stylist and many other jobs (it depends on the story of the episode). Also, ha can (apparently) travel through time, as he has also appeared in certain episodes as a medieval knight, a cave weasel, an ancient Roman gladiator or as a viking.
    His major love interest is Lulabelle, a blonde nurse, who follows him just about everywhere.
    The other character (without whom the show wouldn't be the same), is I R Baboon, an idiotic monkey that can't count to three and can't talk correctly (hence the name: "I R"; it should be "I Am"); above all these "qualities", he's also a certified loser, presented beautifully in oposition with "the winner", I Am Weasel. Someimes friends, but mostly enemies (Baboon being jealous of Weasel's success), they form a couple like none other.
    The cast wouldn't be complete without the Red Guy (from the "Cow & Chicken" series) who's IQ is somewhere in between Weasel's and Baboon's.
  • The often hilarious antics of super-smart I.M. Weasel and the IQ-lower-than-plant-life I.R. Baboon.

    My husband & I used to watch this show on the Cartoon Network out of London when we were stationed in Germany. I thought it was so funny, I grabbed the neighbor kid from next door, who spoke English @ age 11, and sat him down in front of I.M. and I.R. He was immediately hooked, and wondered why the show wasn't available in German. The dialogue was mile-a-minute, and if you blinked, you missed stuff all the time. My husband was astounded to learn that Michael Dorn, "Lt. Worf" of "Star Trek: TNG" and "Star Trek: DSN", was the voice of the weasel. My husband didn't like anything of a cartoon nature, but he liked this one. When we first got back to the USA, the show used to be on at weird times on CN, but no longer. It was fun, it was silly, and the actors seemed to be having a good time. It was better than a lot of shows on CN now. I miss it!
  • From the creator of Cow and Chicken comes a cartoon about a smart weasel and a dumb baboon, and the Red Guy's here as well!

    I Am Weasel was one of the first few cartoon cartoons on Cartoon Network. The show, created by David Feiss, is quite good.

    The animation in the show isn't really great at that time as they did indeed use crude humor. The characters, Weasel and I.R. have very easy-to-know personalitys. The episodes with them are quite good as we also see I.R. Babboon win sometimes. ANd, the Red Guy is supposedly alot of viewer's favourite characters for the funny roles that he plays in the show. And cameos of Cow and Chicken make the show even better than most people think.

    Overall, I think I am Weasel is a superb show and if you are a Cow and Chicken fan, I do recommend you to see this series.
  • this is one of my favorate cartoon cartoons...

    i am weasel is so superior and smart, he even has plans to build a bridge to france. I.R. babbon is so stupid and he think's he's smarter than i am weasel, but he always get's himself into trouble and it's up to i am weasel too save him! they are the best of friends!
  • Funny cartoon

    A really great cartoon, really funny, they should bring it back, i dont see a reason for it cancel, this was a popular show, as Cow and Chicken, really funny too.

    Sometimes shown how the world was stupid, and because of this, all the world was funny. . . it was a great honor had watch this cartoon, this kind is hard to show up.
  • I am weasel is about a weasel and a baboon. the weasel is the inteligent, more popular one and the weasel thinks he is better than the weasel, but he is just stupider.

    as i said, this show was great, it would be awsome in Cartoon Network could show reruns at least. That would rule!
    I love all the characters!
    Weasel was always the smarter one and he made baboon look dumb
    Babbon was really stupid, but funny. his book was funny :D
    Red Guy was just like he was on cow and chicken
    LOUD and pantless.