I am Weasel

Season 1 Episode 1

This Bridge Not Weasel Bridge

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 16, 1997 on Cartoon Network

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  • When Baboon's chance to finish building a bridge from thee USA to France and achieve glory is taken by his rival Weasel, he does what every baboon would do: start sabotaging the construction site!

    This was the first episode ever made of I Am Weasel. The plot seems a simple one, and when you read the episode description, you wouldn't expect much from it. But, this episode manages to bring unique twists to the story, and you got yourself one classic episode.

    One thing I always liked about the show was that it had almost no continuity between episodes, nor a concrete timeline. That way you can see Weasel and Baboon in modern times one episode, and the next they'd be in the Stone Age or anywhere and anytime else.

    This episode in particular takes place in modern times, where construction worker Baboon is working on finishing a trans-Atlantic bridge from the USA to France. Their chief foreman is unfortunately hit by a comet, and the construction team is left without a foreman. Baboon sees this as his chance to shine, as he plans to take over and finish building the bridge himself.

    However, the military have other plans. Call their national hero, I Am Weasel to finish building the bridge. Weasel agrees to do so and after making a few small changes to the bridge's blue prints, he speeds up the construction. A very unique and possibly the funniest but in this episode. The bridge will not be finished in 7 years time, but it will be finished by 7 o'clock that same day!

    Baboon is shocked by Weasel's interference and decides to do everything in his power to make Weasel look bad and make himself look like the hero. This is a recurring plot device which will be used many times again in the future episodes. Even though it will be basically the same, each episode will deliver it's own story and make the episodes worth watching.

    After Baboon's plans to sabotage the construction of the bridge backfire (more hilarious scenes from this episode, especially the Eiffel Tower gag; my favorite), and all the other workers are gone, Weasel decides to swim to France and hire some more workers to help him finish the bridge. Another interesting scene (but not as funny) would be seeing Weasel without his fur on. He is quite muscular!

    Baboon is left alone on the half-finished bridge and happily continues building it alone. But, you have to remember, Baboon isn't that great at building stuff, nor does he have a good enough sense of direction. So what happens to him won't be reviled till the end of the episode.

    Meanwhile, in France, Weasel finds out the French have changed their minds and don't want a bridge that would unite the USA with them anymore. Weasel is left without a choice, and decides to swim back all the way to the USA.

    So, where did Baboon arrive? In Mexico! He built an underwater bridge from the USA to Mexico. He doesn't have much time to think about what he has done, because he is immediately run over by a car, coming from the bridge he just finished building.

    The newspapers proudly announce, "Weasel builds underwater car-wash bridge from the USA to Mexico!", and Weasel, still in France, is awarded the French Prize. Baboon is still being run over by various cars. End!

    Over all, a good episode, and a fine start to a glorious series.
  • The first ever episode of I am Weasel

    A very good episode with lots of action and laughs I espically like the bit that it's baboons fault that weasel wins the french prize and he goes crazy and starts to randomly punch cars then one falls on his head taht bit is funny it is also funny when a random comet comes out of no where and hits baboons boss lol nearly this whole episode is funny and this is a very speacil episode due to it's the first EVER! I am weasel episode if you can ever watch this episode watch it because you'll enjoy it I did!
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