I Bet You

Monday 9:00 PM on Mojo Premiered May 07, 2007 Between Seasons


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  • Season 1
    • This "lost footage" episode features never-before-seen behind the scenes action from season 1 of I Bet You.
    • This "lost footage" episode features never-before-seen behind the scenes action from season 1 of I Bet You.
    • Knight Me
      Episode 8
      Lord Phillip takes on Don Antonio at Medieval Times to find out who the better Knight is. The guys later try to pull a "Winona" and attempt to temporarily borrow a mannequin from a department store. They also find themselves in an expensive game of heads up and test their psychic abilities at guessing the number of credit cards that passing strangers have. It must be nice...moreless
    • Paintball
      Episode 7
      Phil shoots Antonio and Antonio shoots Phil but no one is filing charges because it's all PAINT and it's all good. The boys bet on their paintball/marksmen skills and try to take each other down for $4000. They also find time to bet on guessing the number of sex partners a friend has had, making pizza and up the ante from the last episode by trying to get a girl on girl on girl kiss to happen.moreless
    • 5/21/07
      Someone needs to tell Phil and Antonio that using kids as pawns is wrong. The guys become coaches for two childrens' basketball teams and bet on who the better leader is. Later they go back to their roots playing poker in a moving car and also get a chance to bet on a snow tube ride. After the fun, Antonio tries to get one of his fantasies filled when he bets on a girl on girl kiss.moreless
    • Roller Derby
      Episode 5
      Phil and Antonio put their roller derby skills to the test for a wager of $5000. After a few tough calls and falls the friends begin to wonder if the bruises are worth it. The guys also bet on their celebrity status when they test their autograph acquiring skills. Before the day is up they manage a few more bets on piggy back rides and playing with a bald guy.moreless
    • Dune Buggies
      Episode 4
      Phil and Antonio are channeling their NASCAR fantasies with dune buggies in the desert. With $5000 on the line the boys can't afford to go off the circuit track and crash....well maybe they can. They also try to use the restroom of some random homes and later make their biggest wager ever on a game of High Card.moreless
    • Surfing
      Episode 3
      The boys are back and betting at the beach. They take on the waves to discover who the better surfer is for a meager $5000. Phil and Antonio also bet on who the better beggar is and also try their hand at scouting basketball and poker players.
    • Strip Poker
      Episode 2
      Sure the guys are great at poker, but can they dance? Well, no, but they can try, especially with money on the line. Antonio and Phil also make a bet on a police officer, see if they can guess the age a woman on the street lost her virginity and convince two women to play strip poker. Whoever?s girl gets topless first loses, but then again, this sounds pretty win-win.moreless
    • Bartending
      Episode 1
      The Bet: Who's the Best Bartender What's at Stake: Phil's $1500 vs. Antonio's $2000