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Can't tell the players without a scorecard.

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    I loved "I Claudius", but at times it got a little bit tough to follow who all the characters where. Not only did a lot of the characters have similar sounding names, but they where also constantly talking about characters who had barely appeared (or in some cases hadn't appeared at all) in the series. This was especially problematic in the first couple of episodes when we haven't had enough time to familiarize ourselves with the primary characters.

    Luckily for me though, I watched "I Claudius" the first time with my brother who was a classics major in collage. Thus he knew who all the people where. So whenever I got lost (which happened a lot over the first 3 or 4 episodes) I could just pause the DVD and ask him who the heck they where talking about.

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    I thought one of the show's remarkable successes was that you could actually keep track of who's who in this very complex story. Every episode had a limited amount of characters. I admit that references to people from previous episodes could be confusing. How each of them was related to the others remained quite difficult. But blame the Roman nobility and its habit of marrying for status for that.
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    If you can find the books they may help. There are 2. I Claudius & Claudius the God. They are hard to find but they helped me.
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