I, Claudius

Season 1 Episode 10

Hail Who?

Aired Unknown Nov 15, 1976 on BBC Two
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Episode Summary

Caligula's behavior becomes more and more erratic. Claudius works hard to control him but a conspiracy is growing among the soldiers. How can they rid themselves of their mad Emperor? And who will replace him?

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      • Marcus: (after Caligula blames the senate for celebrating his gandfather Mark Antony's death) How right you were, Jove, to think of punishing them for celebrating the Battle of Actium.
        Caligula: Well you see, Marcus, I had them both ways. Because if they hadn't, they insulted the God Augustus, my grandfather who won the battle.

      • Caligula: Where are you going, Marcus?
        Marcus: To tell the truth, lord, nature calls. It must have been something I ate last night.
        Caligula: Don't look at me. If I decide to doctor your food, you won't have to wait until morning to find out.

      • Gaius Sabinus: Will you strike the first blow?
        Cassisu Chaerea: Jove himself couldn't stop me.

      • {The crowd at the games boos Caligula}
        Caligula: If you only had one neck, I'd hack it through.

      • Messalina: Don't you want to marry me?
        Claudius: Oh, it's just that I'm so much older than you.
        Messalina: I'd be very happy to be married to you. {Kisses him}. To tell you the truth, I was terrified when he brought me here. I thought he was going to . . . I'd feel safe being married to you. Do you think you could ever love me?
        Claudius: I think I'm in love with you already.

      • Cassius: (About Caligula) If you're no longer his friend, what can you be but his enemy?
        Marcus: Go your own way, Cassius.
        Cassius: If we all go our own way, we shall all end by going the same way.

      • Caligula: Do you think I'm mad?
        Claudius: M-m-mad?
        Caligula: Yes, sometimes I think that I'm going mad. Do you - be honest with me - has that thought ever crossed your mind?
        Claudius: Never. Never. The idea is preposterous. You set the standard of sanity for the whole world.

      • {referring to Caligula}
        Caesonia: He's sick. He needs good people around him.
        Claudius: He's killed them all!

    • NOTES (3)

      • Although he makes his first apperance here, Cassius Chaerea was referenced earlier in the series as the only officer who kept his wits about him in the disaster in the Teutoburg Forest ("What Shall We Do About Claudius?")

      • A young Bernard Hill (Theoden from The Lord of the Rings) makes only his third professional appearance as the Praetorian who first tries to kill Claudius and then nominates him as Emperor.

      • This episode is set between 40 - 41 A.D. Caligula is murdered, and Claudius is hailed as emperor.

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