I, Claudius

Season 1 Episode 7

Queen of Heaven

Aired Unknown Oct 25, 1976 on BBC Two
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As Tiberius’s chief advisor, Sejanus rules Rome with an iron hand, moving himself toward the throne. Meanwhile, an aged Livia asks to meet with Claudius.

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      • Livia: (explaining why Caligula will be Tiberius' heir) Vanity. Tiberius wants to be loved, at least after his death, if not before. And the best way to ensure that...
        Claudius: Is to have someone worse to follow him. Yes, naturally, he's certainly no fool.
        Livia: He's the biggest fool in my family! (looking at Claudius thoughtfully) I always thought that that was you, but I think now... I was wrong.

      • Tiberius: Thrasyllus! Where is that damned astrologer?!
        Thrasyllus: Comming, Excellency, coming.
        Tiberius: I want you to cast my mother's horoscope.
        Thrasyllus: Your mother's? What for?
        Tiberius: Because I want to know how much longer I have to put up with her, that's what for!

      • Tiberius:{To Agrippina}: As to your children - they are guiltless of any crime. I will look upon them as friends. As for you, I will never forget what you made me do to Piso.

      • Herod: Claudius sways and bends with each little wind that blows.
        Agrippina: By which you mean he's weak and cowardly.
        Herod: Perhaps. But at least he's still here!

      • Herod: My grandfather's domains were divided among his three surviving sons. That he had three left was a miracle for he murdered all the rest. I can only think he overlooked them.
        Antonia: Sounds a colourful character.
        Herod: If black is colourful, he was colourful.

      • Claudius: If I ever had the opportunity, do you know the first thing I'd do would be to restore the Republic.
        LIvia: Then you are a fool, after all.

      • Livia: Gaius I had poisoned in Syria.
        Claudius: You have a long reach.
        Livia: The Empire is very large; I need one.

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      • Toward the end, Caligula tells Livia of a prophecy that one who is to die soon will become the greatest god ever known with no temples to be dedicate to anyone else in the whole Roman world. He takes this to mean himself but it could easily be interpreted as the death of Christ, which takes place several years after this episode, and the eventual Christianization of the Roman Empire under Constantine.