I, Claudius

BBC Two (ended 1976)





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  • BBC production! Best show ever made; Set new standards of quality on TV; An amazing cast with perfect writing - what more can one ask?

    I guess I was one of the very first people to buy the 1991 VHS edition of 'I, Claudius' when the BBC decided to (finally!) sell it to the public. I quickly added the DVD edition in 2000, as soon as it was available (in USA, not UK!),
    and I am, off course, the proud owner of the 2 novels written by Robert Graves 'I, Claudius' & 'Claudius the God' on which the TV show is based upon.

    By all means, this TV show is the most captivating, extremely well acted and juicy as ever you are going to see on your TV screens - even in today's standards.

    It deals with most human attributes: Love, hate, murder, intrigue, incest, power, politics, hereditary monarchy and it goes on; Truly the 'bible of TV' as I call it.

    I am still surprised to find people who did not see it, nor even heard of it! Shocking! ;-)

    If anyone reads this review and haven't watched it - please, run to your nearest Blockbuster or other shop, get it, and watch it - it's a must for all those who appreciate good TV.