I, Claudius

Season 1 Episode 6

Some Justice

Aired Unknown Oct 18, 1976 on BBC Two



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    • Agrippina: I've come to tell you, Tiberius, that I and all of Rome hold you responsible for my husband's death and will do so until you prove your innocence! We know, too, that you've taken that woman who is our witness but it will avail you nothing! Emperor you may be, but Justice is Emperor over all!
      Tiberius: And the fact that you are not Queen, my dear, is that the greatest injustice of all?

    • Antonia: (when Agrippina accuses Tiberius of having Germanicus poisoned) But don't ask me to believe that an Emperor of Rome would stoop to such methods!
      Agrippina: Ah, those are his methods. He doesn't need to stoop.

    • {About the Roman Crowd}
      Tiberius: Has it ever occured to you, mother, that it's you they hate and not me?
      Livia: There is nothing in this world that occurs to you that does not occur to me first. That is the afflication I live with.

    • Sejanus: Everybody's loved when he's dead.
      Livia: I wouldn't count on that if I were you.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Agrippina mentions that the apperance of the number "17" upsets Germanicus during his haunting but never explains why. In an earlier episode, Germanicus avenged the destruction of the 17th-19th legions in Germany. But he was never able to recover the eagle of the 17th legion.

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