I, Claudius

Season 1 Episode 3

Waiting in the Wings

Aired Unknown Sep 27, 1976 on BBC Two
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Tiberius broods in exile while Livia slowly clears a path to the throne for him.

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      • Livia: (to Julia's young lover) You were wise not to refuse her. (she moves close to him) Would you do as much for me? I am, after all, Caesar's wife. (she runs her hand down his body) Quite a stud, aren't you? You find me utterly repulsive, but you try all the same. I like that, I like a tryer.
        Plautius: You're a very beautiful woman.
        Livia: I'm an old one. Still, that wouldn't stop you, would it? If you thought I could do something for you. (walking away) Well, perhaps I can.

      • Julia: People say Tiberius didn't mind being banished because he was glad to get away from me. That wasn't all of it. I think he was pleased to get away from his mother.

      • {Having heard of Lucius' death}
        Tiberius: You know, that family is beginning to resemble a Greek tragedy.

      • (Tiberius has decided to kill Thrasyllus)
        Thrasyllus: Excellency, let me have a look at the chart. A man's destiny is not so easily read, believe me.
        Tiberius: Yours is. I wrote it myself this morning. Centaur, escort my friend down the cliff path. And take care, I have a terrible feeling he may slip. His stars speak of nothing but disasters.

      • Tiberius: Mine [horoscope] has been so indecisive lately, I thought it would make more sense if I examined yours.
        Thrasyllus: But why? What could that possibly tell you?
        Tiberius: Let me put it this way: I decided this morning that if nothing pleasing came off that boat, I would have you thrown down the face of the cliff into the bay.
        Thrasyllus: {Laughs nervously} That's very funny. Very funny. What ... what exactly does it say? Can you see anything?
        Tiberius: Oh yes, it's very clear. It confirms my worst fears for your safety. Extraordinary how accurate these things are, isn't it? Who would have thought that I could made a decision about you this morning and seen it clearly reflected in the chart this afternoon?

      • Antonia: It's a terrible thing to accuse someone of poisoning without proof.
        Julia: She accuses me of all sorts of things without proof.
        Antonia: Make sure she doesn't get any, then.

      • Augustus: is there anyone in Rome who has not slept with my daughter?!

      • Livia: Most women marry fools but it takes them a while to find out. Unfortunately, with Claudius, it's as plain as the nose on his face.

      • Livia: {To Julia's lover Plautius Does Lucius know you're ploughing his mother's furrow with such ferocious skill and energy?
        Plautius: I-I don't know. Perhaps he . . . perhaps he . . .
        Livia: Guesses. That wouldn't be hard, would it. I imagine all Rome, apart from her father, guesses.

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