I, Claudius

Season 1 Episode 9

Zeus, By Jove!

Aired Unknown Nov 08, 1976 on BBC Two
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Caligula takes over as Emperor. At first he is hailed as a savior. But eventually the monster is revealed.

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      • Antonia: (speaking privately to Claudius after Gemellus' funeral) I'm going to kill myself. (Claudius looks horrified) Now don't start any nonsense!
        Claudius: But you can't!
        Antonia: Oh yes I can, my life's my own! It will be a release. I have no wish to go on living in this place. You don't have to pretend you'll miss me.
        Claudius: Of course I'll miss you! You're my mother!
        Antonia: Well, that's very dutiful of you, considering I've never been very loving towards you. And I'm sorry for that, but you've always been a great disappointment to me, Claudius.
        Claudius: (as he bursts into tears) Oh, please don't say that...
        Antonia: Well, there, you see?! You're crying at your age!
        Claudius: Well, why shouldn't I cry?!
        Antonia: There's no need! Keep your tears for yourself, you'll need them. I shan't.

      • Caligula: I've good mind to have your throat cut! In fact, I'll do it now! (Caligula grabs a dagger while Claudius kneels at his feet)
        Claudius: No, no! (Caligula grabs him, but is interrupted by Macro's entrance carrying a severed head)
        Caligula: (enraged) What is it?!
        Claudius: Who is it?!
        Caligula: Gemellus. I've cured his cough.

      • Lentulus: (kissing Caligula's Godly hand) Your recovery is a miracle!
        Caligula: But you prayed for it, Lentulus.
        Lentulus: Oh, night and day! But prayers are not always heard.
        Caligula: But yours were special, so I understand. You offered your life to the Gods in place of mine. That was extremely noble!
        Lentulus: It's true, I did.
        Caligula: And what are you going to do about it?
        Lentulus: Do about it? What do you mean?
        Caligula: Well, I'm still here, and so are you. But we oughtn't both be here. Should we not give the Gods the things we promise them? You're in danger of the crime of perjury, Lentulus. Think about it. But not too long- Gods won't wait forever, that I can assure you only too well.

      • Herod: Well, you know what they say about the tree of the Claudians. It bears two kinds of fruit - the sweet and the bad.
        Claudius: We've certainly had a terrifying crop this season.

      • Claudius: {to Drusilla} He wants to see you. He's become a god. Oh, you're a god, too. {To Herod} We're not.

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