I, Detective

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I, Detective

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An innovative Court TV series where the clues and investigation is followed along by the audience from start to finish. Test your skills as the crime unfolds and you’re given multiple choice answers to the questions raised by the crime. This is one series that you can actually get better at watching! Real detectives, real photos, films and facts.

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AIRED ON 1/11/2006

Season 1 : Episode 11106

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  • A true crime show with a fun twist. There will be a test, but it's "learn-as-you-go."

    A half-hour "true crme" show with a fun twist. Its documentary style is made more interesting by a series of questions you, the viewer, are asked at turning points in the case. Checking to see if you've paid attention and also making you learn something without it feeling like class, a multiple choice question, with hints, arises several times during each story. You get the lurid details of crime and you learn about real-life police and investigative procedures, making you a real pain when you watch those hokey scripted crime shows!moreless
  • A great show to watch with friends... no joke!

    I, Detective is a show that really gave me and my friends an active role in watching television. "How is that possible?" you ask. Well, my friends and I would watch it together and play a game wherein every time a question was asked we would each pick the answer we thought was right. If you were lucky enough to get it right, and truly be the "I, Detective," then you got the pride of knowing you were being taught something. If you got it wrong, we made you sit in the corner until you learned how to be a better detective.moreless
  • Follow the clues until the end

    With this show, you follow the clues along with the dectives, but watch carefully, because through out the show, you will be asked questions such as "What was his motive?" and you're given 3 - 4 options. Out of those, you take a stab at which one it could be, the narrarator then walks you through why the ones that aren't right can't be and why the right one is the best choice. I love following alone and guessing. No boredom at all! Keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole time guessing the answers and following clues.moreless