I Dream of Jeannie

NBC (ended 1970)




Episode Guide

  • Season 5
    • I Still Dream of Jeannie
      Due to Col. Nelson is on a long-term, top-secret space mission. Jeannie cannot bring him home (temporarily) to hear their son's important academic presentation without knowing exactly where he is in the first place. The general in charge of the mission won't reveal anything. Things are further complicated when Jeannie's sister (Jeannie II) reminds Sham-Ir, the head of the genies, that a genie on Earth cannot go more than 3 months without an earthly master. (Col. Nelson is no longer Earthly, being in space.) Sham-Ir give Jeannie I a fortnight (14 days) to either find Col. Nelson or get a new master, a single male. (Col. Healy can't help, since he's now married.)moreless
    • I Dream of Jeannie: 15 Years Later
      Now after 15 years,being married to her master, Jeannie is a suburban homemaker with a son.When her master husband is now promoted to Colonel and is about to retire from NASA space program she plans to celebrate.In the meantime, Jeannie also uses her magic powers to thwart her sister, Jeannie II who tries to destory her sister's marriage,with plans for Colonel Anthony Nelson not to retire like he promised Jeannie and have him go on another space flight with a lady astronaut Captain Nelly Hunt.Jeannie struggles with her desire to be an independent modern woman and must make decision to save her marriage and husband.moreless
    • My Master, the Chili King
      Tony's visiting cousin wants to use Tony's face and name to sell chili.
    • The Chili King
      Episode 26
      Tony's unauthorized chili is "hot" not because of the sauce, but because of his conniving cousin Arvel.
    • 5/19/70
      Jeannie exposes a crooked poker player.
    • Hurricane Jeannie
      Episode 24
      Tony dreams Dr. Bellows figures out the real truth about Jeannie and her powers.
    • 3/24/70
      On Jeannie and Tony's 6 month wedding anniversary, Jeannie wants desperately to please Tony by knitting him a cashmere sweater while Tony wants to get her a string of pearls. None of which end up being accomplished.
    • 3/17/70
      An old high school sweethart of Tony's sends him a letter saying she will visit him in the upcoming day. Jeannie becomes jealous and poses as her to fool Tony.
    • 3/3/70
      Tony causes general Schaeffer to lose an important pool match and breaking his hand later on so it seems he can't play in a rematch. Tony then must play for him with the aid of Jeannie.
    • 2/24/70
      Jeannie has just recently joined a club at NASA and voted recording secretary. She then learns that there is an award competition coming up for the best husband and that the prize is a trip for two to Hawaii. She wants Tony to win so badly that she blinks him off his training and returns him at home in his sleepy state.moreless
    • 2/10/70
      The Bellows' troublesome nephew stays at the Nelson house for a couple days and figures out the truth about Jeannie when he sees her smoke into her bottle.
    • Mrs. Djinn Djinn
      Episode 18
      Roger spreads the word to everyone that Jeannie is expecting but all the while its a misunderstanding and the only one that is expecting is Mrs. Djinn Djinn (The Dog).
    • 1/20/70
      Three astronauts who have come back from the moon (one of them being Tony) have to stay in a decontamination chamber for 21 days. Jeannie blinks herself into the chamber to hug Tony goodbye only to find out that she cannot leave and risk contaminating the outside world. She then blinks on a gold astronaut suit and shrinks herself to be one of the other astronauts trophies in order to conceal herself.moreless
    • 1/13/70
      Jeannie, Tony, Roger and the Bellows' go on vacation only to find there are no rooms available in the hotel they wish to stay in. Jeannie then proceeds to blink on a 13th floor.
    • At a casual dinner at the Bellows' Household, Jeannie mistakenly gives them wine that makes them invisible.
    • 12/30/69
      Tony tries to teach Jeannie how to live within their means.
    • 12/16/69
      Jeannie; feeling sorry for Roger; decides to help him out by going to a computer dating agency and setting him up with a girl while Tony is trying to set Roger up with the General's niece.
    • 12/9/69
      In this episode, Jeannie's sister returns for a final time to foul things up again. This time, she poses as her sister and makes the others think she is having an affair with another astronaut named Biff Jellico (Played by Eden's real life husband Michael Ansara) all the while Tony and Jeannie are oblivious to it.moreless
    • The Wedding
      Episode 11
      As the wedding approaches, Jeannie and Tony must figure out what to do about the photographers since genies don't show up in pictures.
    • Uncles a Go-Go
      Episode 10
      It is figured out that in order for Jeannie to be married, one of her uncles must approve of the husband to be. Two uncles end up showing; Vasmir and Azmir; and causing a whole heap of trouble for Tony.
    • 11/11/69
      The Bellows' give Tony and Jeannie an early wedding present; a grotesque looking piece of artwork. Thats not all, they and others chip in to hire a redecorator to redecorate their home. As it turns out, the redecorator has no taste and Jeannie ends up redecorating their home in the blink of an eye.moreless
    • See You in Cuba
      Episode 8
      Jeannie blinks Tony off of a plane in order to plan for a party, but when she puts him back in it he mistakenly lands in Havana, Cuba instead of Puerto Rico thanks to Jeannie's guidance of the plane.
    • 10/28/69
      When it's discovered that Jeannie has green corpuscles instead of red ones (or so she thinks), Tony tells her to find a substitute for the blood test to get their certificate of perfect health in order to go ahead with their marriage.
    • 10/21/69
      Against Tony's wishes, Roger and Dr. Bellows scheme to throw the future groom a bachelor party.
    • 10/14/69
      Jeannie creates a face cream that turns Mrs. Bellows into a beautiful young woman that nobody, not even her husband, recognizes.
    • Tony risks his head for love of Jeannie.
    • Jeannie must decide between becoming the queen of a country or Tony's wife.
    • 9/23/69
      Djinn Djinn returns and immediately gets Tony in a sticky situation when General Schaffer invites Tony to bring the uniform hating dog to the park to help put Schaeffer's dog Jupiter through his paces. Upon seeing Jupiter, Djinn Djinn turns invisible and creates havoc and eventually get himself and Jupiter put into the pound. However, the fun really begins when Djinn Djinn leads a doggie breakout.moreless
    • 9/16/69
      Jeannie shows up at the officer's club to ask Tony what he would like for dinner. A nervous Tony then sits down at a little red piano and pretends to play. Jeannie then puts a spell on it to make it seem that Tony is a virtuoso. General Schaeffer is so impressed that he sends Tony on tour and soon he is playing Carnegie Hall. However, the little red piano is replaced by a nice grand piano and to make matters worse Jeannie gets locked in a file cabinet on the night of Tony's debut.moreless
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