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Tony's Fiancee

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    I was watching part of the pilot episode the other day and Tony had a fiancce. Was she ever mentioned in any of the other episodes ?
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    Yes she is in the next 3-4 episodes until jeannie does something to get rid of her. you can watch almost all of the first 3 seasons on hulu.com
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    Originally, creator/producer Sidney Sheldon intended to have Tony's fiancee, "Melissa Stone" {Karen Sharpe}, as a regular character, but then decided the "romantic triangle" between her, Tony and Jeannie wasn't going to work out in the long run, so he decided to "phase" her and her father, "General Stone" {Philip Ober}, out of the story as soon as possible. A photo of "Tony & Melissa" (although the girl seen in the picture is a different, unidentified actress) is briefly seen in episode three, "Guess What Happened On the Way To the Moon?" [10/2/65], but Melissa is never identified by name.

    In episode four, "Jeannie and the Marriage Caper" [10/9/65], Melissa tries to convince Tony to become her father's military attache when he's suddenly named a foreign ambassador, as well as hasten her upcoming marriage to him. But Jeannie sees to it that an "old friend of the family", government liason Grover Caldwell {John Hudson}, becomes more "romantic" towards Melissa and "nudges them" together into his proposing marriage to her, thus freeing Tony from his wedding commitment to Melissa the day before the ceremony! Personally, he's relieved, as he didn't like her "rearranging" everything about the wedding day (replacing Roger with Grover as his best man, insisting on honeymooning in Honolulu, Hawaii instead of Jamaica), and insisting on remaining in the NASA space program rather than being his potential father-in-law's attache. He even admits (somewhat) to Jeannie she was right about Melissa being "the wrong girl" to marry, declaring, "This is the first time in months I've felt absolutely FREE! Oh, boy...". Jeannie says knowingly, "Oh, Master...thou hast a lot to learn!".

    End of episode- and Melissa and her father are never heard from or mentioned during the series again.

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