I Dream of Jeannie

Season 1 Episode 5

G.I. Jeannie

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 16, 1965 on NBC
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Episode Summary

When Tony gets a flirtatious new secretary, Jeannie fights back by joining the Women in the Air Force in order to replace her.

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    Edmon Ryan

    Edmon Ryan

    Colonel Joe Fenton

    Guest Star

    Peg Shirley

    Peg Shirley

    Lt. Snyder

    Guest Star

    Jane Dulo

    Jane Dulo

    Major Margaret Fiefield

    Guest Star

    Bill Daily

    Bill Daily

    Major Roger Healey

    Recurring Role

    Hayden Rorke

    Hayden Rorke

    Dr. Alfred Bellows

    Recurring Role

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (4)

      • At the beginning of the episode, Tony is looking for some important papers and takes Jeannie's bottle and turns it upside down, vigorously shaking it.  The next shot shows Jeannie inside her bottle, calmly fixing her hair.

      • The khaki uniforms are back in this episode.  However, there is one scene later in the episode where Tony is walking to his car in the driveway, wearing his dress blue uniform.  When he arrives at his office, he is in the khaki uniform.

      • Instead of their dress uniforms, Tony and Roger wear Air Force issue 505 khaki summer uniforms with short-sleeve shirts in this episode.

      • Tony's secretary, Corporal Burns, actually had a rank of Senior Airman. Corporal is a USMC & US Army rank, not a USAF rank.

    • QUOTES (6)

      • Major Fiefield: These are the reports from the various departments in which you've worked. I wanted you to hear them.
        Jeannie: Yes, ma'am.
        Major Fiefield: From the hospital, we have this comment: "Dangerous. Approach with extreme caution." From the dental lab: "Strongly urge that Recruit Nelson be declared a disaster area." Sergeant Morgan, the driving instructor, writes: "A terrifying experience. Administration says should be ideal for demolition work." Now today, I believe we worked in communications. However, I haven't heard anything from them. So far.
        Jeannie: I think you will get a phone call as soon as the power lines are working again.

      • (Jeannie reports for her aptitude test results)
        Major Fiefield: The average girl usually shows ability in several different fields. But we've given you five separate tests and the answer's always the same. It seems there's only one thing you're qualified to do.
        Jeannie: What is that?
        Major Fiefield: Nothing.

      • (Roger describes his latest infatuation)
        Tony: How long is she going to be gone?
        Roger: Eight months.
        Tony: Eight months?
        Roger: By then, there's bound to be someone else. "Someone else," there'll probably be dozens.
        Tony: If Beverly's so crazy about you, Roger, why would she look for somebody else?
        Roger: Who's talking about Beverly? I was talking about me!

      • Major Fiefield: (reading Jeannie's test results) Two hundred and fifty words a minute! No one can type that fast.
        Jeannie: Oh, that was not typing. That was dictation.
        Major Fiefield: Oh. (looks again at Jeannie's test results) Two hundred and fifty words a minute … in longhand???
        Jeannie: It is easier to read that way. I got a score of four hundred words in typing.
        Major Fiefield: Unbelievable.
        Jeannie: I told you I would make a good secretary.

      • (inside the Recruiting center)
        Clerk: Uh, date of birth?
        Jeannie: July 1st.
        Clerk: (makes notes) July 1st… Year?
        Jeannie: Twenty-one B.C.
        Clerk: (notes) Uh-huh. Age?
        Jeannie: Fifteen hundred.
        Clerk: (notes) And place of birth?
        Jeannie: Pompeii.
        Clerk: Pomp… (reads from her notepad) "Twenty-one B.C. Fifteen hundred years old."
        (Tony looks uncomfortable)
        Jeannie: I-I know I should have been honest with you, Lieutenant. I am not really fifteen hundred.
        Clerk: Oh, I really didn't think so.
        Jeannie: I am two thousand. But every woman lies about her age.

      • Jeannie: Are you not going to kiss me goodbye? (prepares for kissing)
        Tony: Now, remember our bargain. This is a purely platonic relationship.
        Jeannie: Oh, yes. Purely platonic. (prepares again for kissing)
        Tony: And you agreed to keep it on that basis because you know it was the best way, right?
        Jeannie: No. I agreed because I did not know what "platonic" meant.
        Tony: It's another name for friendship.
        Jeannie: (disappointed) Oh.
        Tony: Um, um, pals. Uh, good buddies.
        Jeannie: Then, uh, what about a friendly kiss goodbye? (prepares once more for kissing)
        Tony: Well, I don't suppose there's any harm in that.
        (Jeannie kisses him very deeply)
        Tony: (after the kiss) You're the best buddy a buddy ever had.

    • NOTES (1)

      • In this episode, Jeannie states her date of birth as "July 1st, 21 B.C." Later, in "The Girl Who Never Had a Birthday", she would claim not to know when her birthday was. That storyline ultimately revealed her date of birth to be April 1st, 64 B.C.

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