I Dream of Jeannie

Season 1 Episode 3

Guess What Happened on the Way to the Moon?

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 02, 1965 on NBC
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Episode Summary

Tony is on a survival mission with Roger when Jeannie seems to have followed him. She then proceeds to help him in every way possible by giving him food, shelter, and finally transportation while Roger suffers in the hot, sweltering desert.

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    Byron Morrow

    Byron Morrow

    General Harry Moore

    Guest Star

    Ron Brown (V)

    Ron Brown (V)


    Guest Star

    Tom Anthony

    Tom Anthony

    Crew Member

    Guest Star

    Hayden Rorke

    Hayden Rorke

    Dr. Bellows

    Recurring Role

    Bill Daily

    Bill Daily

    Captain Roger Healey

    Recurring Role

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (3)

      • This is the first episode where Tony wears a uniform.

      • The mountain lion shown jumping at Tony very clearly has a tether tied around its neck.

      • Before Tony takes off for his mission, he tells Jeannie to make sure she does not interfere, he is going to leave her INSIDE her bottle. He holds the bottle and pulls out the stopper and commands her to get in. In the next scene he is still holding the bottle but the stopper is back in. He then pulls it out and she smokes in.

    • QUOTES (10)

      • (Tony is trying to explain to Dr. Bellows how he survived the mission..)
        Tony: Roger chose the hard way, and I chose the easy way.
        Dr. Bellows: Obviously! Captain Healey lost twelve pounds traveling thirty miles in seven days, while you turn up three days early, seventy-five miles from the drop zone...and looking like the guest of honor at the Gourmet's Club!

      • Roger: Boy, it must be 110 in the shade out here. If there was any shade.
        Tony: Well, cheer up. It's only 7 o'clock in the morning.

      • (Tony and Roger are told they'll be training at Skull Flats, Utah)
        Roger: "Skull Flats." You know, General, I'm not complaining, but for once I'd like to go on one of these survival missions to a place called, oh, like, "Happy Valley" or "Merry Meadows," hmm?

      • Tony: (Roger notices that Tony is talking into his canteen; to Jeannie) I...I just want to talk to you.
        Roger: Talking to your canteen? Aren't you afraid your bottle will get jealous?
        Tony: No, I wasn't talking to it! I was...well, you know...(blows into it as if playing a jug)
        Roger: (a bit annoyed) Would you like me to play a few verses on my comb of Sugar Blues, or shall we get on with the survival mission?

      • Tony: (Tony puts the stopper on Jeannie's bottle as Roger approaches him) There! You'll be safe right here.
        Roger: Yeah, but how safe am I gonna be in the desert with a guy who talks to bottles?

      • Roger: Hey, you know something? I must be cracking up. I could swear I smell roast lamb.
        Tony: Huh? Oh. Oh, that. Yeah, well, I got so hungry I cooked my shoe and I ate it.
        Roger: Roast shoe? How did it taste?
        Tony: A lot like roast lamb.

      • Tony: (to Jeannie) I can't gorge myself on roast lamb while my buddy is out eating needles.

      • Tony: What's that?
        Jeannie: Baktu malali. An ancient Persian remedy.
        Tony: Oh, boy. What is it?
        Jeannie: Hot chicken soup.

      • Jeannie: Oh, cleverest master in all the world, teach me the meaning of this strange incantation. (makes sound like blowing over the top of a bottle)

      • Tony: (referring to the curly hair and curly beard Jeannie gave him) Uh, Jeannie, if I go around Cape Kennedy like this, they'll blast me off without a capsule.

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