I Dream of Jeannie

Season 5 Episode 3

Guess Who's Going to Be a Bride? (1)

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Sep 30, 1969 on NBC

Episode Recap

While trying to decide what to get Tony for his,and Jeannie's fifth anniversary as Master,and Jeannie,Jeannie's Uncle,Ruler of a small middle-eastern country arrive's.Having abdacated the throne,he intends make Jeannie,the Queen,his successor.This gives Jeannie the answer as to what to give her Master for their anniversary present:a country.However,Jeannie's Uncle Suleiman wants to meet Tony,to see if he is worthy to become King.Meanwhile at NASA,Tony is having a meeting in General Schaefers office,with Dr.Bellows present.Tony is escort a visiting Ambassador from a country in the Middle-East known as Kasha who's country has some very important mineral that the space program desperately needs.If,the Ambassador is happy then NASA WILL RECEIVE THE BADLY NEEDED MINERAL.Tony is to show around NASA.He goes to his office,and see's three men:Jeannie's Unclr,and his two bodyguards,mistaking them for the Ambassador of Kasha,and his bodyguards.He shows them some of the wonders of the NASA Space program.During the tour,Roger enters,and assuming Tony is going to go through with being King,wants to have a harem of his own.Tony is confused,but tells Roger that it is for the good of the Space Program,that we show the Ambassador of Kasha a good time.When Sulieman overhears this,he assumes that Tony is a supporter of Kasha.He gets angry,and blinks a plank on Tony.This surprizes Tony,but not Roger who inform's Tony that he is Jeannie's Uncle,who now intend's to punish Tony for his verbal support of Kasha(a hated enemy of his country of Basenji).Tony run's into the decompression chamber,with Suleiman,and his guards right behind him.Dr.Bellow's enters looking for Tony,and hearing the shouts for help,enters the chamber,and see's Tony,Sulieman,and his guards vanish.He tell's this to General Schafer,who naturally thinks he's insane,and confines him to the couch,with a washcloth over his eye's.Tony in the meantime is on a galleyship rowing,constantly calling for water.Jeannie saddened by the fate of her Master begs her Uncle to free her Master.He comply's on two conditions first:that he avenges the verbal assault of his support of Kasha.and second:he marry.Having been sent free Tony is unwilling to agree to these conditions,but reluctantly he does.Back at NASA,the real Ambassador of Kasha arrives.Tony shows him the tour of the Space Program,during which time,Suleiman seeing a chance for Tony to avenge his assault,Blink's a dagger,and later simiter into Tonys hand.The Ambassador mistaking the two weapons as attempt's to kill him beg's,and then runs for his life.He enters the chamber to be met by a tiger.Tony pull's him back in.Trying to calm him,Roger gives him a drink given to him by Suleiman.Tony knocks the drink from the Ambassadors hand,spilling some on his shoe.It was Acid.General Schaefer,and Dr,Bellows then enter,and the Ambassador having told what he interpret happened,is going sever tie's with U.S.AND TAKE THE NEEDED MINERAL elsewhere.After leaving the General now angry that the they have lost the needed mineral,threatens to have Tony shipped of NASA.He leaves,and knowing that Suleiman is hiding in the trash can,Tony picks up the lid,and shut's it tight over him,He warns Suleiman to either keep out of his life,or spend the rest his life in the trash can,and none of his conditions.He then make the biggest mistake with his word's,he say's that he would'nt marry Jeannie if she was the last Jeannie on Earth.Having said that Jeannie pops in,and say's''GOODBYE MASTER,FOREVER''.Going home,and regretting what he had said Tony apologizes to Jeannie.from her bottle,and hope's she can forgive's him.Looking into her bottle,he finds it empty,except for a note.Roger take's and reads the note Tony can hear Roger's voice echoing when he says'I think she really left you this time'over,and over again.Has Jeannie really left Tony Forever?The second part of Guess Who's Going to Be a Bride? (2)