I Dream of Jeannie

Season 5 Episode 4

Guess Who's Going to Be a Bride? (2)

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 07, 1969 on NBC

Episode Recap

Tony can hardly believe that Jeannie has left him.Roger on the other hand,tries to get Tony to look on the bright side;with Jeannie now out of his life he's a free man now.Thinking for a few second's Tony seem's to except this.However,from his expression,(I think he has'nt gotten over her),and the fact that he is looking around the house,in small items(just to make sure that she is gone)he wishes she was still there.Roger helps him around,also in small items.Dr.Bellows come's over to inform Tony that he has been dropped from the space program.Because of the misunderstanding,with the ambassador,Tony,as well as Roger(after all two heads are better than one)are assigned to another space station in Alaska.They are not to happy with the arrangements,but Tonys going to try making the best of thing's;though I think he misses Jeannie.While at about the same time in Basenji,Jeannie's Uncle Saleiman,is making arrangement's for possible suitor's for Jeannie.She too is trying to get over her former Master.The expression on her face indicate's that she will go on with her planned wedding,(reluctantly).Suleiman instruct's his servant to spread the word (to all potential suitor),that any who want's to marry into the royal family must guess the riddle in sacred box,but if any fail's to guess will be...Beheaded.Meanwhile back at the Alaskian Space Station,Tony,and Roger receive both good news,and bad news.First the good news:He,and Roger have been reinstated back to NASA.They are to report back to active immediately.Second:the bad news,reading an announcement from the middle-eastern country of Basenji,of the wedding of Jeannie the first.Tony confesses to Roger that he TRULY LOVE'S JEANNIE,and risking his own career,he is going to Basenji.Roger loyally,or reluctantly goes along with him.During the flight Roger write's his will,and thinking all of his girlfriends constantly say's (as if in prayer)Goodbye.When they finally arrive at the wedding which has'nt taken place yet,(when potential suitors learned of the the rules,nobody wanted to play)Tony demand's the right to ask for Jeannie's hand in Marriage.A surprised,Jeannie reminded Tony about what he said earlier.Tony tell's her he so regretted saying that he would'nt marry her,and apologises,and ask if she would marry him.At first Jeannie is DELIGHTED,but looking at the royal executioner she want's her Uncle to send both Tony,and Roger away.Instead he will allow Tony a chance to have Jeannie's hand in marriage,provided he can guess what's in the box.However he also show's Tony the penalty if he fails to guess correctly(the royal executioner).Tony of course does not guess correctly,and is about to be executed;beheaded.Jeannie somewhat outraged at this blinks Tony out,and back home,She joins him bidding her Uncle Goodbye,and will write him often.So happy is Jeannie at how much Tony truly Loves her she promises to remain as his Genie Forever,and Ever;she does'nt care about marriage,just knowing that Tony truly Loves her makes the happiest Jeannie in the world.Tony tell's her to blink them back NASA.She comply's,then,blink's herself into modern attire.When she spots Dr.Bellows,and General Shaeffer,she about to blink out,but Tony orders her to remain there.Tony introduces his superior officer's to his fiance.Not only is Dr Bellows,and General Shaeffer surprised,but so is Jeannie.When Tony explaines about there flight from the Alaskian Station(he forgot about Roger)he explains that the blizzard threw them of course.Still estatic from his announcementJeannie blinks Roger back;and in the nick of time.He is about to be executed while still saying Goodbye to his girlfriends.Once back at the base he learns of Tony,and Jeannie's getting married.General Shaeffer gives Tony the rest of the day off to spin time with his fiance.Jeannie,Tony,and Roger disappeare,to begin more new adventures.
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