I Dream of Jeannie

Season 5 Episode 20

Jeannie, the Recording Secretary

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 24, 1970 on NBC

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  • These are "Military Wives"? I don't think so.

    There are not too many reasons to go "Hmm" with this show, but this episode made me shake my head.

    Jeannie supposedly joins a military wives association. But anybody with any military exposure knows that military spouses already understand that their husbands/wives are not home a lot, sometimes days/weeks at a time. But these "military wives" think that if Tony is not home today, then he'll be home tomorrow, and if not, then he's not a proper husband?

    And before you argue that the 60s were different... I'm a vet myself, and many older generations have told me that the lifestyle for them was not that much different from today.

    These characters depicted here are more like farmer's wives. Farmers have a closer relationship with their spouse and come home every night. Military personnel do not. It's quite obvious the writer of this episode has zero military experience or exposure to military life.

    The base topic is the opposite of reality and the humor is mildly funny. This would be the first show out of the entire series that I would only rate a 1.
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