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  • I absolutely love this show!

    I absolutely love this show! It was before my time, but I used to love staying up late past my bed time to watch re-runs as a little kid. I thought that it was so cool that someone could have a genie living in their house, granting their every wish! I always believed that if I wished hard enough, I would get a genie of my very own.
    I always loved the fact that Jeannie was always trying to do what she thought was best for Major Nelson, but always seemed to mess everything up.
    I was so excited when Jeannie and Major Nelson finally got together and lived happily ever after.
  • They were so cute

    I loved this show i wish i would come back but it had alot of copetition because of bewiched but it was great either way!She hecka liked him and the get married in the end awwwwwww it was a fantabulous show i only wish they would sell it on dvd now i could watch it over and over again
  • Started to head downhill...

    In the world of the 50s and 60s silly sitcoms, this is an except, a colorful and exciting show. Barbara Eden is very good at her role, Larry Hagman is better actor here than in "Dallas" or another serieses. The best is Bill Daily's Maj. Healey, but I like the late Hayden Rorke's suspicious Dr. Bellows too. When I saw the series' episodes first time I got a laughing-stock. It is fantastic! The first and second seasons are perfect, the third and fourth are good, but the fifth is a silly, American family sitcom. After Jeannie marries her master, the series goes wrong. But except for those 20 episodes, the whole series is my favorite sitcom of all times!
  • I used to watch it over and over.

    This is one of the shows that was funny and enjoyable when watching it as a kid. I recently saw it and watched it again and was surprised that I never wanted to miss it. It was humorous at times, and I'm certainly glad that Larry Hagman's acting improved from when he was on I Dream of Jeanie, it's hard to believe he went on to be J. R. Ewing. The show was good for what it was supposed to be I guess, mindless humor. You really didn't have to think too much to find it funny, if you did then it wasn't. I guess that's why I liked it as kid.
  • To slap stick for me.

    The show is fun to watch at times, but then it becomes way to kiddy and goofy. I can't remember one episode about this show just the one where Jeannie was found on the beach, all the others are forgettable. I think Barbara was very pretty, and I think if it wasn't for her the show would have sunk a lot earlier.
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